Middle 3 and high 3 student pressure is big, what major is chosen after graduation good?

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After the New Year, parents look forward to the school, the gods of the animals in the home have to return to the cage.This phenomenon can be seen before the start of the school year. Parents can post videos on various social media platforms, and all kinds of ways to catch up on homework, from primary school to high school students.This situation is called “rush period” by netizens.After school starts, students in junior and senior three are under more pressure, because they have to face the “preliminary examination” and “college entrance examination”, which is a turning point in their life.Grade 3 students, the test scores will be divided into your future learning direction, good results can continue to study in key high schools, and the test results are not ideal students, how to do?Parents are also anxious about it, if you study what major to choose?If you don’t read too early into the society, the age is too young.In today’s society, with the rapid development, the educational requirements for employment are becoming higher and higher. The lowest educational level is high school.If only the junior high school diploma, this has a great impact on children’s future employment.The same is true for senior three students. If they are not admitted to the ideal university, some students will choose some majors they are interested in, while others will choose to enter the society.So as a parent to consider a question, children into the society too early, is it good for his future?Some parents will think, it is better to enter oneself for an examination for a major to the child casually, but is it really good for the child?Parents want to think about the future of their children, might as well to understand, what is the major needed by the society?What are the most profitable industries right now?After graduation, you can find a field of study.So it is very important to choose a good major to be responsible for your child’s future.With the development of the country, the Internet has spread all over the world, and the demand for professionals related to the Internet is also increasing.Meanwhile, in 2015, China put forward the plan of “Made in China 2025” to transform China from a manufacturing power to a manufacturing power.Therefore, the large demand for professional talents rises with the rise of talent training schools in professional colleges.Professional learning skills for children are more extensive.So when parents choose a major for their children, they might as well know more about it.Our college is dedicated to providing advanced vocational skills for students aged 15 and up.Market-oriented education, close to market demand, keep up with the trend of the development of The Times, to cultivate high-end management talents and professional elites with market competitiveness.Related majors include: software development, UI design, Web front end, intelligent manufacturing, new media operation, e-sports and other talents needed by the society.Learn software development (e.g., system software and application software).UI design (human-computer interaction, operation logic, beautiful interface).Web front-end (the process of creating Web pages and apps to present to users).Intelligent manufacturing (under the reform of large enterprises, the artificial into machinery.Machinery instead of labor, with the input of machinery, the need for related professional talents to deploy machinery, so the need for related professional talents.Let intelligent manufacturing become the professional society needs, and intelligent manufacturing professional talent is favored by enterprises.New media operation (modern mobile Internet means, such as the most popular social software “Douyin”, new media operation is a series of operation means of product promotion, promotion and marketing through Douyin.)E-sports (popular with kids who like to play video games, it’s video games that reach “the level of competitive sports.”In 2020, the Olympic Council of Asia announced that e-sports has become an official competition event in Asia, such as the most popular games: League of Legends, Honor of Kings, Peace Elite and many other sports have been included in the Asian Games e-sports events.So parents might as well turn their children’s addictions into a major.