North ice south exhibition: housing enterprises dragon teng Tiger jump, the eldest suspense to be solved

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Source: the first finance and economics, the original title: ice snow big investigation | north south exhibition: enterprise, long teng hu yue, boss battles with suspense to north ice south exhibition, more snow sports training, site construction, such as events and marketing activities, will be moved in from the north south direction, many capital aimed at first snow industry track layout, including real estate developers.Inside, the hotel is decorated with skis, the walls are decorated with snow sports themed paintings, and a window overlooking the construction of a ski resort.Here is yaoxue Snow and Ice World project located in Shanghai Lingang. With a total area of 111174.9 square meters and a total construction area of 349,170.77 square meters, the indoor large ski resort may be the largest ski resort in Shanghai in the future.Snow rarely falls in Shanghai, so snow sports are not for Shanghai residents.However, with the north Ice South exhibition, more snow sports training, venue construction, events and marketing activities are moving from north to south, even in Guangdong, a number of snow events have emerged, and more and more southerners are playing with snow.Tianfeng Securities research report shows that benefiting from the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics, China’s ice and snow tourism development into a fast lane.It is expected that by 2025, the number of snow and ice tourists in China will exceed 500 million and the revenue of snow and ice tourism will exceed 1.1 trillion yuan.However, from the absolute permeability, China’s ice and snow industry is still in the initial stage of development.Based on the total population of 1.412 billion in 2021, the skiing penetration rate of China is about 0.77%, lower than the 35% of Switzerland, a developed skiing country.Therefore, many capital aimed at the layout of this track, including real estate developers.From vanke, the “old player” of ice and snow, Sunac, Wanda, aoshan and Shimao, there are more and more companies active in the ice and snow track, and they have become an important force that cannot be ignored in the industry.They either focus on indoor ski resorts or open fields, but all of them smell a business opportunity in the ice and snow industry.Jilin Vanke Songhua Lake Resort is among the first batch of national-level ski resorts announced recently.It is located at 43 degrees north latitude, the same “golden belt of ice and snow” as the Alps in Europe.As early as 2015, Songhua Lake Resort was officially opened to the public as one of Vanke’s attempts to diversify its business.In the past seven years, Songhua Lake in Jilin has changed from a barren mountain to a scenic spot. It is often called “jiaozi” because of the large number of skiers. Some netizens even joke that “300 million people are on ice and snow, and 100 million people are on Songhua Lake”.Songhua Lake Resort covers an area of 175 hectares and can accommodate 10,000 people to ski at the same time. There are 37 ski trails with a total length of 41 kilometers, and the ratio of primary, middle and advanced trails is 4:4:2.”During the snow season, hotel rooms in the resort are almost fully booked, and it is hard to find a room during holidays.With the addition of electronic music, ice and snow festival and other snow season activities, the popularity of the resort has not decreased, and even drove the occupancy rate of urban hotels in Jilin city to exceed 90%, which shows the popularity of the resort.”People close to Vanke ice and snow business said.Vanke ice and snow business had a decisive position.In 2017, Vanke announced the establishment of ice and Snow Business Division, including Vanke Songhua Lake Resort and Vanke Shijinglong Ski Resort.Wang Shi, the founder of Vanke who loves sports, has punched in songhua Lake resort many times.At the end of 2020, Due to strategic focus and other factors, Vanke merged the Ice and Snow Business division into the Hotel and Vacation Business Division.However, from the actual action, Vanke did not give up the layout in the field of ice and snow, and there is a momentum.The company in which Vanke shares shares is responsible for the construction of yanqing Winter Olympics Village and mountain news center.After that, the core area of Yanqing Competition Area will be opened to the public as the Olympic legacy, and the mass ski resort will be added to become the largest ski resort in Beijing.After the Operation of Yanqing Winter Olympic Games area, along with the opening of Baotou indoor ski resort and Chongli Hanhailiang ski resort, Vanke will have 3 large ski resort destinations, 4 suburban ski resorts and 1 indoor ski resort by 2023.Among more than 700 ski resorts in China, Vanke does not have a dominant position, but it can reflect the passion of real estate companies for snow and ice.”China’s all ski resorts, veneer number is more than the double plate, suggesting that ski crowd more and more young, snow generation has been passed on to the second generation, even have snow three generations, they dare to play more and more time to play, dare to consume more, the trend is the most fundamental forces driving snow and ice, will also affect of 10 ~ 20 years after the Olympics.””Ding Changfeng, CEO of Vanke’s hotel and vacation business, said at a recent industry forum.However, doing a good ski business and increasing customer retention and conversion rates is a technical and service job.According to the person close to vanke’s ice and snow business, vanke will conduct a review and summary every year based on customers’ journey routes, especially MOT (peak end time) experience;In order to improve the level of ski coaches, Vanke has introduced the skiing teaching system of Japan and New Zealand. This season, based on the CURRICULUM system of American PSIA, vanke will promote the latest one-double snowboard training curriculum system to improve the experience of skiers.From indoor snow resort to light asset output based on the prospect of snow and ice, not only Vanke, more real estate enterprises have joined this “battle”.In 2017, when Vanke set up its ice and snow business division, a major event took place in the real estate circle, and sunac was one of the leading actors.At that time, Sunac took over 13 cultural tourism cities from Wanda for a total of 43.844 billion yuan, and then acquired the rest of its cultural tourism business in three deals totaling 6.3 billion yuan.Sunac is starting to make a name for itself in the snow and ice sector with the help of an indoor ski resort in its portfolio.At present, short trips around cities are becoming the consumption characteristics of new ice and snow tourism.At the same time, the concept of four seasons skiing gradually formed a market recognition.In the summer of 2021, “off-season skiing” will unexpectedly become popular, with the higher the temperature, the more rapid the growth of “off-season skiing” bookings, with The most significant trend in Chongqing, according to a report released by Feizhu and several institutions.In this context, the rapid development of indoor ski resorts represented by Sunac Snow World has become an important force for the ice and snow industry to “expand south, expand west and advance east”.At present, there are 36 indoor ski resorts in China, ranking first in the world, among which Sunac Culture Travel operates 6 indoor ski resorts in Harbin, Guangzhou, Chongqing and other cities, covering a total area of 422,000 square meters.Compared with outdoor ski resorts, indoor ski resorts are mainly targeted at urban customers, which can break through seasonal and regional restrictions. Instead of niche and low-frequency activities, indoor ski resorts are daily, leisure and all-age activities that can be realized at any time.From the technical construction end will tell, the difficulty of interior design and construction is also far greater than outdoor.”First of all, the slope of the mountain has to be done indoors, basically the design of the structure beyond the limit, in the case of the structure beyond the limit, you have to ensure the safety factor, but also to consider the cost problem.Moreover, refrigeration snow making has high requirements on air tightness and air quality.The air circulation cooling of indoor ski resorts and how to meet the requirements of carbon emissions need to be realized through technical means.”Sunac cultural Travel said.Placeholder, therefore, in addition to the market, the traders of snow and ice industry, more need to hand in hand to upstream and downstream industry chain partners, such as refrigeration snowmaking, uplink, brake machine and other hardware equipment, the equipment of different brand equipment, equipment, and specializes in the park, event partner, etc., through cooperation, to make industry more vibrant booming development,Enterprises can also have better development opportunities in it.It is worth noting that sunac’s snow and ice business is gradually becoming lighter and outward, except for indoor snow resorts.Since 2021, the snow and ice section of Sunac Has been continuously carrying out asset-light operation and management output, breaking down barriers between indoor and outdoor ski resorts, southern and northern ski resorts, and successively reaching cooperation with outdoor ski resort projects such as Jilin Beidahu Ski Resort and Hebei Jinshanling Ski Resort.At the same time, sunac continues to expand its business upstream and downstream with the help of the resources of the ski resort, gradually forming a ski school, skiing events, camp education, membership clubs and other business systems, even including the storage and delivery of ski equipment and other derivative services.Recently, the “Magnolia Ice and Snow Festival” is being held in Shanghai Magnolia Square.CBN reporters at the scene to see a lot of ticketed guests are skating, and their back is against the Backdrop of the Huangpu River opposite the Oriental Pearl Tower.In fact, the Yangtze River Delta or pearl River Delta region does not have the natural conditions for ice and snow sports. However, with the development of ice and snow from the north to the south, more and more ice and snow projects and investment are moving to the southern market.”The north has more natural environment for ice and snow sports than the south, but because of this, southerners who lack natural environment have a strong curiosity about ice and snow sports, which urges many southerners to learn and understand ice and snow sports.And the most fundamental is about economic development.Most of the population will be concentrated in the big cities of the coastal and south-central regions, where spending power per capita is also higher.Our industry commonly known as “where the money is, the activity of capital is”, so now the Yangtze River Delta and pearl River Delta market will appear a lot of ice and snow projects.Moreover, compared with the advantages of natural ice and snow fields in the north, the south needs artificial construction of ice and snow fields, which requires investors to invest, build and operate in the Southern market.”Zhu Ji, vice president of value-added services of Shanghai Shinuo Enterprise Development Co., LTD., who is responsible for SNOW51, said in an interview with China Business News.According to qunar, Beijing, changchun, hangzhou, Shanghai, guangzhou, tianjin, shenyang, jinan, chongqing and chengdu are the TOP10 source cities for ice and snow tourism, with five cities in southern China.And skiers in the south are more willing to spend than those in the north.Public data show that the development of ice and snow sports is mainly affected by climate geography, sports tradition, economic conditions and other factors.In comparison, economic development this vane, in recent years more obvious performance.The track of The north Ice Exhibition has extended from Shanghai and Nanjing to Guangzhou and Shenzhen, and now includes chongqing, Chengdu and other western cities.It is because of the insight into the southern market opportunities, so sunac and other real estate companies have moved their investment steps southward.According to the data collected by Lazy Bear Sports Institute, Vanke invested in Jilin in 2011, Sunac invested in Harbin in 2017, and moved south to Guangzhou, Wuxi, Shenzhen and Kunming in 2019.”We also saw the north south of snow and ice ice industry potential, so yao snow ice world investment construction project in Shanghai, as a new area lingang after the establishment of the first set an oversize synthesis of entertainment, leisure, sports, yao snow ice world project including indoor ski slope, paddle center, resort hotel, skating rink and a variety of formats such as retail.In fact, the Yangtze River Delta is lack of such large-scale ice and snow sports facilities, we believe that the completion will attract tourists from all over the world, and we will link with haichang Ocean Park and other marketing, driving skiing, tourism, hotel, catering, shopping and transportation and other areas of consumption.”Shanghai Yao Snow real estate Co., LTD. Vice chairman Wang Zhenwei told the first financial reporter.According to the plan, the total investment of Yaoxue Ice and snow World, excluding hotels and soft furnishings, is 5.5 billion yuan, and the project is still under construction.At the site of the project, CBN reporters saw that its overall facade and general structure had been built, and internal construction was still under way, while some hotels near the ski resort had been built and put into operation.The rink is expected to begin trial operation in 2023.In the opinion of Guo Han, executive director of Shanghai Dishui Lake Commercial Tourism Development And Management Co., LTD., the core commercial value of ski resort lies not in tickets, but in secondary consumption, training and linkage with surrounding businesses.”This is an overall linkage industry of culture, tourism and business, which can integrate cross-border tourism, culture, education, research and other industries, and play a driving role in the development of the entire regional economy.”Guo Han told China Business News.But running an indoor ski resort is no easy task.”The most important thing is safety and service.”A sunac cultural travel related person told China Business News that in terms of hardware, the area of the ski resort, the length of the ski run, the fall of the ski run and the amount of snow made are all key indicators of the ski resort.At the software level, fine operation management and high quality skiing services are also key.In addition to doing a good job in operation and service, enterprises entering the ice and snow track also need to consider investment and profit.Kreerui said in the research report that projects in the snow and ice industry often face problems such as large investment and long cycle, which, if not properly solved, will not be conducive to the long-term development of the snow and ice industry.Therefore, practitioners in the snow and ice industry often create diversified consumption scenarios to improve profit space.Create, for example by melting, melting the snow world generally open near the shopping centre of melting and mau, melts the brigade in addition to snow and ice, and park, the hotel a home stay facility, sea world, the multiple theme forms such as water world, in various forms and can assign a fusion between ice and snow, constitute a “one-stop” comprehensive tourism consumption destination, drive the melt chong wen brigade whole benefits in the industry of ascension.