Primary school holiday homework written in this way, the teacher helpless please parents: this homework is not as good as not to write

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After every period of study, students will have a period of rest, and parents will arrange cram schools for their children during winter and summer vacation.I hope to consolidate students’ understanding of knowledge through this period of study.Students are still attending cram schools, but they are more relaxed than studying at school.In order to prevent some students crazy play after a holiday, will learn the knowledge of the past forgotten, back to school can not keep up with the progress of learning.Teachers will assign some study tasks before the holiday, so that students should remember to study even during the holiday.Some students have developed a relatively good learning habits, in the beginning of the holiday to develop a good learning plan, every day to complete the teacher’s homework methodically.Primary school holiday homework written like this, the teacher helpless please parents: this homework is not as good as not to write compared to those who will be assigned by the teacher to list a clear plan, every day can insist on completing a part of the students.There are some students in the school who are doing the opposite.This part of the students lack a little learning consciousness, after the holiday only know to play crazy, will study behind.Wait until the half of the holiday, or even only a few days to start school, only to think of their own a pile of homework did not do.To finish a holiday homework in a few days time, this task is very heavy, the students in order to complete the task given by the teacher, but the brain of a disorderly write, did not play a review and practice effect, the significance of the teacher’s assignment will not be able to achieve.The homework of primary school students is relatively simple, in order to let the students have a happy holiday, the amount of homework assigned by the teachers has been cut a lot.And each task is not difficult, most of them are words, reading, diary and so on to help students meditate.Some simple reading questions fill in the blanks, as long as the students read the article carefully will be able to get the answer to the question, the students can also write the answer, and the correct answer is not close.This makes the teacher feel very helpless.If the students have any problems will not do, modestly ask the teacher for advice, maintain a good learning attitude that is still good to say, but the students only pursue speed, even the questions do not look at the beginning of the answer, let the teacher do not know how to start.Teachers are even thinking that this is a better way to deal with homework than not doing it, not playing well, not learning.It’s a torment for both students who are struggling to finish their homework and teachers who waste time checking exercises that don’t work.Teachers feel that students can not do the problem, allow mistakes, but if there is a problem with the learning attitude, this is very serious, so deal with it is not only irresponsible to their own learning, but also disrespect for the teacher.For most students, they may not understand the serious consequences of dealing with homework, so during the holiday, parents should not relax their children’s care, but also need to continue to monitor and check students’ homework.At the beginning of the holiday, parents should ask teachers or students how much work they need to do this holiday season, and divide up the amount of work that needs to be done each day equally. Don’t wait until you have been playing crazy for a while to find that homework has not been done.At that time to catch up with the homework schedule, students are bound to be busy and can not calm down to read the problem, find a way to solve the problem, not only increased the burden of students, homework is meaningless, so the loss outweighs the gain.Learning should be a continuous and gradual process. It is impossible to make rapid progress in study because of a few days’ hard work. Therefore, it is very important to maintain a consistency and a good learning attitude.In the holidays, parents do not relax the requirements of children’s learning now parents usually work very busy, when the students have a holiday, parents will feel very headache.Because he is still at work, do not trust students at home, worried that they leave their own and school teachers supervision, just like a runaway horse, learning behind.Therefore, more and more parents choose to let students go to foster classes, cram schools, find teachers outside the school to watch the students’ study, but also let themselves work at ease.Although this approach brings parents some convenience, but the author would like to say to parents, supervision of students learning this matter, parents had better not fake others.Even with the care and care of teachers outside the school, parents usually have to spend more time, ask their children’s learning situation, when the children encounter difficulties, timely understand the reason, accompany students to solve the problem.That’s what a responsible, qualified parent should do.The author would like to say to parents: students’ academic performance should not only be responsible for the school teachers, parents should also assume their own corresponding responsibilities, supervision and accompany students to complete their learning tasks, encountered problems and school teachers timely communication, jointly help students progress.How do you think students should arrange their study time during the holidays?(Pictures from the network, if any infringement, please contact to delete)