The family members of an 82-year-old old man in hospital encountered difficulties in accompanying him, and the hospital responded: special policy during epidemic prevention and control, please understand

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Gao Ju, Video reporter of Dahe Daily yu On February 7, Mr. Li, a user of today’s headlines, released a message for help:His 82-year-old mother suffered an accidental fracture and was hospitalized in Henan Orthopedic Hospital of Luoyang Orthopedic Hospital (hereinafter referred to as Luoyang Orthopedic Hospital). The 56-year-old man with mental disability was unable to take care of him at the hospital. He wanted to take care of him in turn with his family, but affected by the epidemic, the hospital stipulated that only one family member could take care of him, which made him suffer from difficulties.Li said his mother broke a bone in a fall on Feb 2 and was taken to Luoyang Orthopedic Hospital, where she was diagnosed with a hip injury that required in-patient surgery.”My mother is 82 years old, and hurt himself, action inconvenience, certainly there were personal care not, the children are at work, there is no way for a long time to take care of, only me to take care of, so I just went to get the certificate with a companion, but I have a mental disability, not a long time to take care of people, if long time not to take medicine or too tired to sick.”Mr. Li said.After much consideration, Mr. Li decided to take turns with his sister to look after the old man.However, it is more difficult that currently affected by the epidemic, the hospital only applies for one accompanying certificate for the patient, and the patient’s family members without the accompanying certificate cannot enter the ward building.”My escort card can only be used by myself, but I can’t lend it to my sister,” Li said. “If we hire a nurse to take care of us, we can’t afford it. We don’t know what to do or who to call.”On February 7, the reporter called the chief duty telephone of Luoyang Orthopedic Hospital. According to the staff, now is the special period of epidemic prevention and control, and an inpatient can only apply for one accompanying certificate.In addition, it is best for a patient to be fixed with an attendant, because the hospital has to do nucleic acid tests on the attendant regularly.On February 8, the reporter contacted luoyang Orthopedic Hospital in charge of publicity and public relations, he said, now is a special period of epidemic prevention and control, an inpatient can only apply for one escort card, and according to the provisions of the nucleic acid test.In response to the demands of The patient’s family member, Mr. Li, the hospital arranged personnel to contact him to help the patient and his family to solve the difficulties as much as possible.Later, the person in charge contacted the reporter again and said that after contacting With Mr. Li, the hospital staff learned that he hoped to add another escort and could enter the ward at will. Since it was a special period of epidemic prevention and control, the request of entering and leaving the inpatient department could not be met, but the hospital could do its best to solve the other demands of the family members.On the afternoon of February 8, the reporter contacted Mr. Li again, according to its introduction, his mother has finished surgery, is currently in the hospital observation, still by him to take care of his mother.”Now is a special period of epidemic prevention and control, and the hospital’s relevant policies are understandable.”Mr. Li said.If there is any difficulty to find feedback from Luoyang toutiao channel, Dahe Daily press conference will follow up and solve it in the first time.: This article was first published, all rights reserved.