Can the Beginning start a new beginning for film and TV series?

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The beginning has come to an end.The fantasy series, adapted from the online novel of the same name, tells the story of two young people who are strangers in a vicious incident on a bus, and continue to experience the time cycle “back from the dead”, together to find the truth and prevent the explosion of the story.”Beginning with the concept of” flow “infinite and narrative, thrilling plot design, a broadcast is influenced by a lot of attention and discussion on social networks, according to statistics, since January 11 online,” beginning “boarded out many times, break through 1.3 billion, screened douban” open “8.2, now is gone after douban rating fell to 8.0,With nearly 400,000 viewers, it is one of the most popular online dramas of the year.Part of the success of The Beginning was the use of the concept of “infinite flow” to tell a story.In fact, the form of time and space circulation has appeared many times in domestic and foreign film and television works, such as “Source Code”, “Edge of Tomorrow” and other films are based on circulation to promote the plot, Stephen Chow’s classic work “Moonlight Box” also has the use of time circulation.The concept of “infinite flow” has been around for a long time, but it is not very popular, because this way of expression will be very high requirements for film and television works.Its suspense, fantasy and other elements test the storytelling ability and special effects level very much, not only to create suspense, but also to let the audience understand;In the repeated scenes can not be the same, to have a sense of freshness, scriptwriter and director like walking a tightrope;The special effects should create as much magical feeling as possible, without letting gorgeous scenes affect the logic of the story.The Beginning uses infinite flow more thoroughly than its earlier and foreign counterparts: it only has 15 episodes, but it has 25 cycles, two of which have 10 cycles.In such a frequent cycle, the story is tightly paced and full of tension, and the protagonist’s reasoning is combined with the urgency of time, gradually approaching the truth, the process is mind-blowing and addictive.On the other hand, it is difficult for writers to find a balance between “original fans” and “new fans”.As a network novel adaptation scriptwriter, the Beginning includes the original author into the scriptwriter team, supplemented by professional scriptwriters, which not only respects the work itself, but also ensures the adaptation effect to the greatest extent.Over the course of 15 episodes, the plot is packed so tightly that viewers don’t have to endure watered-down drama and a hodgepodge of 40 or 50 episodes of sweet pets, superheroes and fantasy dramas.Not only that, from the inside of the industry, this kind of skit actually reduces the investment risk of broadcasting platform.At the same time, due to the simplification of the content, the details of the production will also have a more comprehensive thinking and perfection, complementary to each other, the birth of boutique short drama is also the trend.It’s worth noting that the Beginning didn’t succeed solely on the back of its “infinite flow” sci-fi premise.The background of the story is the bus bombing, which involves not only human nature, but also social reality.”The Beginning” continues to explore the complexity of human nature in the cycle, through the various characters of cowardice, selfishness and even malice, accurately depict the human life, touching and thought-provoking.The plot also triggered netizens to think about “Internet violence”, no matter for Xiao Heyun and Wang Mengmeng, the unreasonable, dark, groundless suspicion, speculation and violent words on the Internet to their harm, all of us are shocked.This kind of performance makes the public feel the show’s concern for real issues, pursuit of justice, and concern for society and people.In addition, the performance of the actors is one of the most obvious reasons for the show’s popularity.The leading role with two young actors, age set in line with the role, there is no sense of conflict, the performance is natural and smooth, not stiff.The supporting role is more colorful, Liu Yijun as the old Interpol Zhang Cheng, keen, calm, adhere to the duty, he died in the 24th cycle of the scene became the most audience love dearly.There is also a scene in which Aunt Pan, who is shivering, collapses to Huang Jue. She is extremely sad and stiff without tears. She wants to fight but she has no way to do it.It is this kind of silent performance that makes people realize the inner pain, conflict and finally despair and terror of the characters.Film and television is the art of regret. Due to excessive circulation, the Beginning inevitably falls into the problem of plot repetition.More than halfway through the series, the main character has been “blown up” nearly 20 times before the suspect is locked in.And what’s most vexing is that there’s no straightforward answer to how the cycle starts and ends.There was a lot of anticipation for a different explanation, and the best explanation, according to the cast, is that there is no explanation.The end of the film does not make any explanation of the cycle, but Xiao Heyun the next day as usual to get up, there is a good morning, symbolizing the end of the cycle.But the audience has no idea why the loop ends.Despite the flaws, the Beginning does not have a grand theme narrative, a star with built-in traffic, or a well-known IP halo filter, but with solid content and true feelings to move the initial heart of the audience, it can naturally breed new vitality, make a difference, and leave love in the hearts of the audience.