The chairman of a company with a market value of 50 billion yuan revealed violations: after the scenic spot was closed due to the epidemic, he sought connections to enter the temple

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Zhejiang tongce medical company chairman Lu Jianming previously released a dynamic, self-exposed its violation of epidemic prevention notice, looking for connections into the temple incense.After the dynamic was released, it immediately attracted public attention.Staff from the company that operates the Scenic spot said on Feb 10 that there was no fence around the temple and they did not know where the tourists had entered the temple, but security had been stepped up after the incident, with 30 guards on duty around the temple.Local government officials responded that they had noticed Lu’s violation of the scenic spot’s epidemic prevention policy, and that it reflected problems in local epidemic prevention management, which they had reported to relevant authorities.According to screenshots posted on the Internet, Lu jianming posted a message on February 7, saying that on the first day of work, he and his friends went to the mountain to pray for good fortune. The temple was not open to the public recently due to the epidemic, but his friends contacted monks in the temple, and they had the opportunity to burn incense sticks.According to a notice issued by the scenic spot on Feb 4, the scenic spot will remain closed and collective religious activities will be suspended. Shuttle buses to the scenic spot will also be suspended until further notice.Staff from the scenic spot operation company also confirmed that according to relevant epidemic prevention regulations, the temple will not open to the public during this Year’s Spring Festival, and the specific opening time has not been determined yet.That is to say, when Lu Jianming entered the temple, the temple was suspended from opening.Lu Jianming released the dynamic of burning incense into the temple, causing public discussion, he then processed the original dynamic.According to the editing record of his social media account, Lu jianming added the line after “friend contacted monk” in the feed.According to the redaction, his friend contacted the monk and learned that the main entrance of the temple was not open, but that the side entrance next to the parking lot was open and “anyone could get in and out.”When he entered the temple, he found that there were very few people inside. He also saw several young men in Hanfu, posing for photos.Lu jianming has not publicly responded to the incident.But on the morning of February 10, he updated his personal account.That day, he posted two pictures of snow scenes and wrote down four verses of poetry, ending with the line: “The world is an ant of lifting a cathedral.”According to Jiangui News, Lu jianming once gave people an image of fierce words and strong personality in his work.His company went public in 1996 and is now valued at nearly 50 billion yuan. He was ranked 1,1111th on Forbes’ 2021 wealth list.According to the Paper, a reporter contacted Lu jianming’s company as an investor after the incident was exposed. Lu jianming’s company was told that the matter has not been decided yet and will not affect the normal operation of the hospital. They hope investors can focus on the company and not be distracted by gossip news.Part of the material is compiled from extreme news, documents issued by the parties, and other editors: blue sky