The five rounds of nucleic acid tests were negative for the close contact and secondary close contact personnel in Jinan

2022-05-15 0 By

Beijing, Jan. 27 (Xinhua) — Two confirmed COVID-19 cases in Jinan, involving 30 close contacts, 78 sub-close contacts and 370 key people, have completed the fifth round of nucleic acid tests and all tested negative, according to a press conference on COVID-19 prevention and control in the city on Monday.At present, Jinan has completed the third round of nucleic acid tests for 3,820 residents of Yuhan Community of Railway, and the test results are negative.The second round of nucleic acid tests for 9,414 employees, family members and surrounding residents in The Market have been completed, and the test results are all negative.Nucleic acid tests have been carried out on 13,634 people who have been to Vilcon market since January 8. Nucleic acid test results of 11,993 people have been negative, and results of 1,641 people are pending.At the same time, Jinan has also increased the screening and testing of people returning from key areas. So far, the nucleic acid test results of all the screened people are negative.On January 25, Jiyang District of Jinan city in the Process of verkang cold chain food flow investigation, detection of a batch of cold chain food packaging positive.The positive goods were found to be the same batch of goods returned from the local confirmed case 2 transferred from Licheng Weilkang Market, and nucleic acid tests in other places and environments were negative.After locking the goods, all the goods stored in the same room and the cold storage environment were eliminated, and the relevant cold chain food was immediately sealed on the spot.Up to now, a total of 23 people have been investigated, among which 16 people have been quarantined as close contacts, 6 people have been quarantined at home, and 1 person has been assisted in the investigation in Licheng District.Companies and personnel engaged in the storage, wholesale and sales of cold chain products and other related businesses should strengthen risk prevention, seal up the relevant cold chain food immediately, and report to the market supervision and administration department of the district/county (functional area) immediately.(Sun Yewen, dazhong Daily client reporter)