Zibo ranks first!In 2021, the comprehensive performance assessment results of high quality development of shandong cities are announced

2022-05-15 0 By

According to the “Overall Plan for the Comprehensive Performance Assessment of High-quality Development of all cities in 2021”, Shandong province has organized and carried out the assessment work, and the assessment results are published as follows.A, municipal high quality development comprehensive performance evaluation grades: wait, weifang, zibo second-class: yantai jinan jining city of linyi city of weihai, Qingdao three classes: binzhou city dongying city heze liaocheng city zaozhuang fourth: dezhou Tai’an City individual reward new and old kinetic energy conversion: weifang, zibo liaocheng country revitalization strategy:Weifang City dezhou city to double recruitment and double introduction and create a new opening up: Qingdao Binzhou City to deepen the battle of pollution prevention and control: Rizhao City Zaozhuang city to guard the bottom line of development and safety:Zibo City, Jining City, for the above assessment results, all sectors of society and the broad masses of cadres and suggestions, can reflect to the Provincial Party Committee assessment leading Group office within 3 days (as of April 4, 2022).Tel: 0531 — 51775114, Mailing address: No. 482 weiyi Road, Jinan city, Postcode: 250001Office of assessment Leading Group of CPC Shandong Provincial Committee April 1, 2022