What does wechat personal information perfect remind mean?After reading this article, you will know

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When many users use wechat, they will receive or see the prompt that wechat requires users to “perfect personal information”, but they do not know what it means. This article combines the relevant rules of wechat to talk about the knowledge related to it.What does wechat personal information perfect remind mean?When a wechat user receives a prompt for “Improving personal information”, such prompt will appear if the user’s personal information is incomplete and filled in incorrectly or unfilled. If all the information is filled in, the “identity information” will be displayed as “improved”.As shown below: What information does wechat personal information include?Wechat personal information includes the user’s real name, gender, ID number, validity period of the certificate, as well as the user-defined occupation, industry, residence and mobile phone number.Below: the general is public information, in addition to the above information, also including some public information, such as WeChat head, name (nickname), WeChat ID, gender, region, character signature, phone number, QQ number, email address, my address, residential address or mailing address), log on to the equipment.The following picture: Must wechat personal information be perfected?If the user just use WeChat chat, so most of the personal information does not need to fill in, can according to your needs to fill in part, such as WeChat ID, binding mobile phone number, picture, name (nickname), etc., but if often use WeChat WeChat payment functions, such as a red envelope, transfer, and other functions, according to the relevant laws and regulations, it is necessary to perfect,Otherwise you will be banned from using these features.As shown below: Conclusion:In general, WeChat perfect personal information won’t force the user immediately, but if the frequent and often involves the use of it is necessary to perfect the function of personal information, eventually have to improve it, or it will be to ban the use of account some function, and the so-called “perfect information”, in order to prompt the user personal information is not perfect, such as a real-name authentication information.Note: The mobile phone model used in this demonstration is IQOO Z3. The mobile phone system version is Android Origin OS 1.0 and wechat version is V 8.0.19.