Cultural winter Olympics!Yanqing District Winter Olympics Culture Square invite you “together to the future”!

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Winter Olympic Culture square is an important carrier of city cultural activities during the games.Under the guidance of the Organizing Committee of the Winter Olympics and the Office of Cultural Activities group of The Beijing Winter Olympics (Municipal Culture and Tourism Bureau), a total of 16 cultural squares have been built in the city.Among them, Yanqing Winter Olympics Cultural Square is located in the south of Badaling International Convention and Exhibition Center. The outer square covers an area of 15,000 square meters, and hall A covers an area of 2,700 square meters. It has five functional areas: center stage, exhibition, sports experience, volunteer service and winter Olympics franchise products.During the Winter Olympics, the whole square will become a place for citizens and tourists to experience the atmosphere of the Winter Olympics, experience ice and snow sports, learn about the winter Olympics and watch the games broadcast.There will be 40 flags, 27 torch-shaped columns, 1 group of ice and snow mascots, 38 signs, 21 slogans and banners, and a group of winter Olympics and Paralympic Games emblems with 18×15 meters of building facilities.The whole square is full of rich atmosphere of the Winter Olympics, citizens can feel the thick atmosphere of the Winter Olympics in the square.In addition, the square also set up a 4,000 square meters of winter Olympics knowledge display area, citizens can relax in the square at the same time to learn about the Winter Olympics knowledge.In order to create a strong cultural atmosphere of the Winter Olympics, yanqing people’s enthusiasm for welcoming and sharing the Winter Olympics is actively expressed. During the Winter Olympics, the square will also become a “cultural gathering”.Selected excellent performance teams from the region will hold 79 special performances on the center stage of the Square Exhibition area from January 2 to March 13, 2022.All the performances will skillfully integrate traditional culture, regional culture and winter Olympics elements, so that the masses can enjoy the “Winter Olympics culture feast” at home.In addition, during the Winter Olympic Games and Winter Paralympic Games, free experience activities of ice ball and curling ball will be actively carried out in the sports experience area of the Cultural Square of the Winter Olympic City, to enhance the sense of participation and acquisition of the general public for the Winter Olympic Games, and promote the development of ice and snow sports for all people.Special sales activities of Winter Olympics souvenirs will be carried out in the special sales area of winter Olympics licensed products;The exhibition area will carry out leisure and entertainment activities such as knowledge exhibition of the Winter Olympics and interactive motion sensing.In order to enrich the functions of the square, in the west side of yanqing Convention and Exhibition Center square, the original large screen that has been used for many years is upgraded and transformed to build a 16:9 4K large screen.With a total length of 19.2 meters, a height of 10.72 meters and a total area of 205.824 square meters, the large screen has a resolution of 3,840 × 2,144,880 pixels, which can clearly display every detail of the picture.During the Winter Olympics, the big screen will broadcast the Winter Olympics show events, let residents feel the Winter Olympics on the spot, let the Winter Olympics in the hearts of the people.In addition to the functions during the games, the square will also become an important venue for leisure and entertainment after the Winter Olympic and Paralympic Games.For the general public, the leisure and recreational sports activities such as ice and snow sports teaching experience and national games are widely carried out to allow the public to participate in them.We will further play the role of the center stage.On the basis of weekend performances, intangible cultural heritage exhibitions and other cultural activities for the benefit of the people, cultural and sports performances and winter Olympics themed photography exhibitions will be carried out to further enrich the cultural and health needs of the general public.We will further intensify publicity and promotion of civilizations.Using the display screen in the center of the square, the video teaching of dances such as “Together for the Future” and “Please Come to the Great Wall to ski” will be increased, and positive energy propaganda videos will be widely broadcast to guide the general public to actively participate in the harmonious construction of the society, create a clean, healthy and enthusiastic social atmosphere, and promote the continuous improvement of regional harmony and civilization.