Gale Alert Blue gale Alert “Level IV/Moderate” issued on 30 March

2022-05-17 0 By

Xinjian Meteorological Observatory in 2022 At 23:30 On March 30 issued blue warning signal of strong wind: it is expected that in the next 24 hours: affected by the cold air southward, the gusts of rivers and lakes and plains and valleys in our region can reach level 7-8, please pay attention to prevention.(Information source: National Early Warning Issuing Center) Defense guidelines 1. The government and relevant departments shall do a good job in preventing strong winds according to their duties;2. Close doors and Windows, reinforce hoardings, scaffolding, billboards and other structures vulnerable to wind, properly place outdoor items vulnerable to wind, and cover construction materials;3. Take positive measures for water operations and passing ships in relevant waters, such as returning to port for shelter or detour;4. Pedestrians should avoid riding bicycles as much as possible, and do not stay under billboards and temporary structures when it is windy.5. Relevant departments and units should pay attention to fire prevention in forests and grasslands.