Kaiyuan city employment spring breeze blows to gratified post

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January 29, the twenty-seventh day of the twelfth lunar month.As the saying goes, 27 to catch the big fair.Square is crowded in the morning, kaiyuan city botanical garden, in order to “spring breeze send warm, employment” as the theme of the kaiyuan city “spring breeze action” in 2022 and returning home migrant workers employment job fairs held here, the general job seekers at home to catch up a labor “county,” experience “busy” in the form of another fire.This is the city’s people and social departments will spring breeze action time moved to the year before the first recruitment fair.On the job fair site, a total of 35 enterprises participated in the fair, involving more than 90 types of jobs, more than 4500 posts.Yihai Kerry, Hong Bozhiyuan, Xingdong Technology, Yingde Poultry, Shengli Animal husbandry, CIMC Hasen Leng, Yanuo Hosiery, Del floor, Aurijin and other key enterprises in Kaiyuan set up recruitment booths.As a local star enterprise, Liaoning Yihai Jiali Dierlesi Starch Technology Co., Ltd. has attracted a lot of attention from job seekers.”We are mainly recruiting skilled workers and front-line production workers this time.Within 20 minutes of the opening, three applicants had registered for the position of forklift operator, welder and one who would change his position according to his personal situation.”Company personnel administration department personnel group staff Zhang Zhijin said.Several meat and poultry processing and food production enterprises in Kaiyuan city are favored by many female job seekers.”I am satisfied with the working conditions of several food factories. I also added wechat with them. I will have a better understanding of them after I go back.””Said Chen Xiujun, a job seeker from Kaiyuan city.Skilled jobs, which require more specialized skills, have attracted the attention of many local job seekers who have gained qualifications and are travelling abroad.In liaoning qinghe power maintenance co., LTD recruitment booths, job seekers de-wei zhang Liu Maohong ask for details of the security officer to engineering department manager in the company’s position, salary and job site, “I have a security officer certificate, original work in tianjin, the watched on television there are job fairs, jobs still pretty much, just come and have a look.We added wechat to each other, agreed to work at home.”Before the job fair, the department of human resources and Social Security of Kaiyuan city released employment and job fair information through the department’s public account.The job fair site also set up employment and entrepreneurship policy consultation, training consultation, labor disputes and other consulting desks, by kaiyuan Municipal Bureau of Human resources and Social Security, federation of Trade unions, veterans Affairs Bureau, Rural Revitalization Bureau, women’s Federation, communist Youth League, disabled persons’ Federation, social security affairs service center staff to provide answers to services.On the same day, the number of job seekers consulting more than 1500 people, and enterprises reached the employment intention of more than 300 people.City people club bureau and the municipal service center of the head of human resources, said people club department actively carry out the decisions of the municipal party committee deployment, in order to start the work condition of the battle, the launching the sprint, grasp early pays special attention to the real employment promotion work, grab a week to the fifteenth day of this period of migrant workers returning home before the Spring Festival of prime time, a spring breeze action recruitment,We will make it easier for migrant workers to find jobs locally and nearby, and meet the employment needs of enterprises in the city.Kaiyuan city has made a good start for the recruitment campaign. All counties (cities) and districts will carry out recruitment activities on the eighth day after the holiday, aiming at the needs of enterprises and job seekers, continuously improve the quality of public employment services and promote high-quality development of local economy.Hua Shang Bao reporter Zhao Zengyu editor Xiang Xue correspondent Guo Qingjun