The overseas factory in Thuringia of Ningde obtained the production license of electric cell

2022-05-17 0 By

China Securities Journal · China Securities Network China Securities Network (reporter Jin Yidan) April 4, according to the news of Ningde Times, Ningde Times, located in Thuringia, Germany, the first overseas factory officially obtained the production license of electric cells.Anja Siegesmund, thuringia’s minister of environment, Energy and conservation, and Wolfgang Tiefensee, the economy minister, issued the second phase of the permit to Matthias Zentgraf, ningde’s co-president for Europe,Ningde Times Germany plant thus obtained the capacity of 8GWh cell license.It is understood that the plant is currently in the equipment installation phase, in the final sprint for the first cells to be rolled off the production line by the end of 2022.Ningde times’s German factory consists of two main parts: G1 is a building bought from another company and used to assemble cells into modules.G2 is a new plant for the production of electric cells.This license is the cell production license for G2.According to Zentgraf, ningde’s German plant is almost as complex as a chip factory, with strict requirements for clean rooms, technical cleanliness and constant humidity.In addition, to achieve sustainable battery production, part of the plant’s energy comes from solar panels on the roof of the building.According to the data, ningde Times Germany plant started construction in 2019 and is scheduled to be officially put into operation by the end of 2022, which will provide 1,500 local jobs.With a total investment of 1.8 billion euros and a planned capacity of 14GWh, the plant will provide a total of 2,000 local jobs in the future.Located in the heart of Germany, the plant will provide high-quality products and services to major German automakers and contribute to the full electrification and energy transition in Europe.