These majors or will be “eliminated”, students graduate difficult to find a job, parents do not advise students to take an examination

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Reading can change the fate, the college entrance examination can allow students to cross the class, but this is on the premise that students need to achieve excellent results in the college entrance examination, so that they can have a greater initiative in the college entrance examination stage.There is a saying that “men are afraid of going into the wrong line, and women are afraid of marrying the wrong man.” In today’s society, this sentence is not completely used, because not only men are afraid of going into the wrong line, but also girls are afraid of going into the wrong line.After deciding the direction of the student’s career, it is after the college entrance examination to fill in the voluntary.The total score of the college entrance examination determines a student’s college level, while the choice of major really determines a student’s future career direction.In the process of the development of The Times, colleges and majors are undergoing subtle changes, such as popular majors become unpopular, or even directly withdrawn by colleges and universities.These college majors are gradually withdrawn by universities, making it difficult for students to find a job after graduation. These majors in universities may be “eliminated”, and students’ future employment may be difficult.These are the 10 majors that have been eliminated the most in the last five years,Including public utilities management class specialty, clothing and apparel design class, information management and information system engineering, product design engineering, information and computing science specialty, electronic information science and technology, education, industrial design engineering, biology technology engineering design class specialty, costume design and engineering.Some majors are saturated because of talent, and some majors can not keep up with the pace of the development of The Times, and gradually eliminated. As examinees and parents, we must always understand the changes of the major, do not study for four years, but can not find a job after graduation.Including sounds lofty professional, such as information and computing science specialty, in the information age, should be a big employment, in fact is not the case, the main study math class related professional knowledge, most at ordinary times is given priority to with mathematics, design the knowledge of computer rare, difficult employment problem has become more prominent after graduation.Some students may think that biotechnology majors are also very good. During college, students can indeed access a lot of high-end content, but for many ordinary college students, it is difficult to master all the knowledge points, and students face great employment pressure after graduation.If you want to find a relevant job, after graduation, you still need to continue to study, so many ordinary undergraduate and professional transfer schools, have withdrawn this major, not only delayed the development of students, for the university itself, but also a waste of educational resources.Students are studying in college, hoping to find an ideal job after graduation. The choice of major should be based on the premise of employment. For these unpopular majors, parents should not advise students to apply for them.Every year during the examination period, there are always some students who are confused about the choice of major and do not know how to choose. They just look at what their classmates choose and blindly follow the trend, which is obviously not wise.Different students have different talents and interests. The choice of major is not only related to the future employment direction, but also determines the happiness index of college students.If a student chooses a major that doesn’t interest him or her, that major stays with him or her throughout college, his or her happiness will decrease.If students really do not know how to apply for the examination, they can consult the teacher, with the help of the teacher, choose their own major, of course, the teacher put forward is also personal advice, students also need to have their own ideas, after determining the goal, to follow this direction to move forward.In addition to teachers, parents can also give reasonable suggestions. In the growth process of students, the best way to know students is to pay attention to the situation of students, and choose the appropriate major according to their interests and hobbies, as well as their learning situation.Before the student enters oneself for an examination, these factors must consider inside major and obtain employment are closely related, fall in new college entrance examination mode especially, the student is in select a course stage, determined major direction commonly.In fact, in addition to employment and personal interests, students also need to consider family economic conditions.A lot of major, the need after the student undergraduate course graduates continues to study, for instance medical kind major, still have professional charge is taller, for instance performance kind, financial kind, before the student enters oneself for an examination, still need to consider domestic economic condition.In addition, there is a large tuition gap between public universities and private universities, so students with ordinary family conditions should try to choose public schools.Other majors require a lot of travel and should be avoided if students don’t like to travel.In a word, students should think twice before applying for an examination and take many factors into consideration.Write in the end: after the college entrance examination, does not mean that the learning career has ended, after entering the university, students should always be strict with themselves, maintain the learning style of high school, learn professional knowledge at the same time, but also take into account their own comprehensive ability.University student textual research is more common, the student can according to the actual situation, enter oneself for an examination a few gold content higher certificate, for instance college English 46 and 6 certificate, teacher qualification certificate, especially with oneself major relevant certificate, must get.If you are interested in this article, please feel free to share it with us.