Household MPV, wuling HONGguang S3 positioning compact, but has 5 doors and 7 seats

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Wuling as a household car brand, its reputation has long been resounding in the streets.It also has a variety of models, SUVs, sedans, MPVS, minicars…Countless, even in rural areas, its purpose is to make the most needed cars.The price is also relatively close to the people, the vast majority of the van is wuling’s model!In addition, Wuling hongguang S3 also has a good performance as an MPV.Today, we will look at the comprehensive performance of 20 wuling Hongguang S3?The front face of the car has LED daytime running lights, and the headlights on both sides also have lenses. The irregular design is used to make the car more personalized.China Net follows Wuling’s family-style design, but this one looks more designed.Due to the car’s length, the rearview mirror uses a wide-angle lens for a clearer view and no blind spots, which is commendable.The car has a floating roof, which makes it larger from the side but not bulky.The design of the tail is more general, surrounded by black plastic decorative board decoration, with the curve drawn by the tail more show a good three-dimensional sense.In terms of interior decoration and configuration, Wuling Hongguang S3 uses the double color interior, and the seats are also in the same color, wrapped with leather, which is soft to the touch.This model is only equipped with comfort in the control screen, the function is more powerful.At the bottom of the central control screen, only the top match is equipped with a watch, which increases the classical atmosphere and looks more feeling.The large area of the car leather package looks more classy, sewing process is also very good, work and material is more conscience.It is a compact MPV with a length of 4655mm/1735mm/1790mm and a wheelbase of 2800mm.As an MPV, it has five doors and seven seats, even though it is designed to be compact.The space in the first two rows is also good enough to sit on, and the comfort of the seats is acceptable.Compared to the seats in the van, it’s really not in the same class.The third row is also available, with USB ports, three headrests on the seats and five air conditioning outlets in the back to suit each passenger’s needs.Overall, the ride space on this car is very good.Two and three rows can be put down, the cargo is more than enough, the real realization of manned loading.In terms of power, 20 wuling Hongguang S3 are equipped with 1.5T L4 and 1.5L L4 engines respectively, which can burst out the power with the maximum power of 73kW/108kW and the maximum torque of 140N·m/250N·m, combined with a 6-speed manual transmission.The top speed is 150km/h (175km/h) and the combined fuel consumption is 6.9-7.1L/100km.The sound insulation effect of the car is good, wind noise and tire noise at low speed is very small, the interior calm is good.The steering wheel turns less at low speeds, and its damping increases at high speeds.Suspension adjustment is soft, driving up comfort is also ok.The 1.5-liter power is good enough to drive, but the naturally aspirated power is certainly not as strong as the turbocharged power, and the rear section is not as robust.The 1.5T is not strong enough, but it is still a big improvement over the 1.5L.Conclusion The official guided price range of this car is 56,800 to 81,800 yuan. Wuling brand has always been close to the people, and its quality and quality are also very good.Three-dimensional appearance design, although not the general car fancy, but not ugly.Top matching interior work is also very good, material is.Space is also very good, loading, manned can, comfort is good, in the same price is an excellent MPV.Although there are two power options, it is recommended to choose the 1.5T engine, after all, in the case of full load, or strong power to drive more easily.If you want to buy a car that can not only be used, but also carry goods, you might as well choose Wuling Hongguang S3, I believe it will bring you a good experience.