Six musical performances by the Yellow River are presented as a New Year gift

2022-05-18 0 By

Melodious Musical Instruments, intoxicating folk songs and energetic live bands will kick off the festival on Feb 1, adding a lively and joyful atmosphere to the festival.It is understood that the time of this activity is from February 1 to February 6 13:30 to 15:30 every day, in order to run this New Year’s music show, the organizers carefully planned one month in advance, through the past season “Music, Golden City, drunken Lanzhou” by the Yellow River 100 days of music show selected high quality, good social response,On this basis, we also carefully selected instrumental performances, bands, folk songs, pop music and other forms of excellent performance teams for the Spring Festival performance.There are 6 music performance stages in this activity: pro-level stage (main stage), east side of Yuantong Bridge (Philharmonic City stage), west side of Yuantong Bridge (Full moon stage), Urban Planning Hall (City Light stage), Yanchang Fort wharf (Smiling Lanzhou stage), Jincheng Pass (listening tao stage).May all of you sing the sound of spring and enjoy a happy and peaceful Chinese New Year.Full media reporter Wang Xiaoxuan article/picture of Lanzhou Daily | trainee editor | An Ruoxuan responsible editor | Hu Miaoshan current issue proof | Zhu Bao Duty director | Han Tong duty chief editor | Zhang Peng