What has Spring Thunder 2022 remedied?Come and see

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On March 23, the 55th session of “Sweet City Connecting Heart Bridge · Online Community Dialogue” sponsored by neijiang Municipal Network Information Office was launched.Dialogue in current theme of “gathering originative city | sweet heart action”, online units for neijiang market regulator, dialogue focused answered the netizens on the heart operation on the problems that medical equipment quality safety and market regulation, the details are as follows: ask excuse me “thunderbolt act 2022” to carry out medical equipment has made since what results?What do you plan to do next?Since the implementation of the “Spring Thunder Action 2022” law enforcement action to ensure the safety of rural drugs, the city’s market regulatory authorities have actively carried out special rectification of the quality and safety of medical masks and condoms in rural areas in line with the requirements of the normalization of epidemic prevention and control, focusing on the livelihood of the people, working together from the top to the bottom and taking strict priority, and achieved initial results.Up to now, the city has dispatched 296 inspectors, inspected 586 medical device-related units, registered 17 violations.The campaign focused on the quality safety and market control of medical devices, mainly in rural areas, towns, urban and rural fringe areas, densely populated areas and other key areas, strengthening the whole process and chain supervision of medical devices and key areas of supervision, medical masks and condoms in rural areas as the key types of supervision.First, starting from health care medical devices, a comprehensive inspection of “experiential” health care medical devices (including vision prevention and control health care, contact lenses, high-potential therapy, physiotherapy beds, etc.) stores, chain pharmacies and other circulation links was carried out.Second, strengthen the supervision of online sales of medical devices and standardize online sales behavior.The third is to highlight the use of general hospitals, township hospitals, village clinics, clinics, medical cosmetology institutions and other links, the examination of medical masks and condoms, large equipment, sterile implanted medical instruments, in vitro diagnostic reagents medical instruments.Answer the question children’s articles on the market are sundily now, I want to understand when buying children’s articles for the child, some mark have CCC mark, some do not have, CCC mark is the proof of quality assurance?CCC mark is mandatory product certification mark.Must pass the certification of the certification body designated by the CNCA, through the implementation of compulsory product certification procedures, the implementation of compulsory testing and examination of products listed in the catalogue of compulsory certification products.Where included in the mandatory product certification catalogue of products, did not obtain the certification certificate of the designated certification body, did not add the certification mark according to the provisions, shall not be imported, shall not leave the factory, sales and use in the business service place.Q: What is the focus of the next action for the protection of minors?There are three main aspects. One is to severely investigate and punish the food safety violations violating the rights and interests of minors around the campus, such as illegal sales of alcohol to minors, false publicity, etc.Two is to increase the quality of children’s toys, student supplies, glasses and other products supervision and spot check efforts, unqualified products, check to the end;Third, complaints and reports concerning the protection of minors shall be dealt with in a priority manner, and every case shall be replied to and everything shall be echoed.Q: What aspects should we pay attention to when buying domestic gas cookers?A look at the CCC logo, household gas stove to implement CCC mandatory product certification management, in the purchase of products marked with CCC logo, regular enterprise production.Second, look at the energy efficiency label, household gas stoves have been included in the national energy efficiency supervision system, energy efficiency label should be affixed to the shell, the authenticity of the energy efficiency label can be identified by scanning the TWO-DIMENSIONAL code on the label, as far as possible to choose higher energy efficiency grade of household gas cooker products.Third, look at the nameplate of the product, and confirm whether the “product name and model”, “rated heat load”, “product instruction manual” and other information is complete, especially pay attention to “gas type and rated pressure”, not to mix natural gas and LIQUEFIED petroleum gas.Four see flameout protection device, should check whether the gas stove is equipped with flameout protection device, the device is generally installed near the fire cover side, at present, flameout protection device has thermoelectric type and ion induction type two.It seems that I have not heard of the imported cold chain food positive incident for a long time. I would like to ask, what are the requirements of the epidemic prevention and control of imported cold chain food in Neijiang at present? Can imported cold chain food be sold?At present, we import is reported to the cold-chain food throughout the city management system, all imported from outside purchases cold-chain food producers or marketers, third-party refrigerator, must reach 48 hours ago in food, to inform the administration of the market supervision office of the jurisdiction area according to the facts, reported to the way such as paper or email answered questions what children’s products need to be mandatory product certification?Since June 2007, China began to implement compulsory product certification for electronic toys, plastic toys, metal toys, doll toys, and catapult toys. In April 2020,”Announcement of the State Administration for Market Regulation on the optimization of mandatory product Certification Directory” (no. 18, 2020) on the children’s products related to the mandatory certification product category optimization adjustment into child carriage products, toys and motor vehicle child occupant restraint system (child safety seat) 3 products,Which toy bicycles, electric buggies, other vehicles separated toys from baby carrier products, incorporated into toy type of riding vehicle toy, and gives the relevant applicable standards, in toys products, need to compulsory certification is designed or intended for children under the age of 14 play use electric toys, plastic toys, metal toys, riding toys vehicle.Please consumers must pay attention to when buying.Download APP concern public number longchang rong media | palm · cloud · Heart news: 0832-3951284 Advertising: 19183290103 reprint without permission will be investigated at present 100,000 + people have been concerned to join us source | Big Neijiang editor | Zhang Yuan editor | Qiu Yilian