Domestic TV sales king change master, beat Japan SONY into the world’s third, Hisense is not an opponent

2022-05-19 0 By

Mention domestic TV brand, everybody’s mind is likely to be changhong, skyworth, konka, such as brand, but unfortunately, in 2021, the top three global TV sales brand, there is only one domestic TV brand, but also not any one of the three family, who then is able to successfully break into the first three?Now the domestic demand for TV the home appliance product may not be particularly strong, most people, especially young people, the family will often choose to buy a projector to replace, but this does not mean that the domestic television industry to decline, according to the international TV sales statistics, in 2021, TCL’s third place on the global TV sales success.In 2021, a total of 174.5 million TV sets were sold globally, and the domestic TV brand TCL sold 23.3 million sets, ranking not only the third in the world, but also the first in domestic sales.Once in the domestic TV sales market, Changhong, Skyworth and so on are well-known brands in the industry, but now they are all exceeded by TCL, not only ranked in the international top 10, and even in the domestic has no much visibility.The 28 million TCLS sold broke the highest sales record since 2019, and even the ranking’s statistics agency predicted that the number of sports events around the world would further boost TV sales this year.Remarkably, TCL’s rise has also managed to leave a range of foreign brands behind.For example, SONY of Japan, which used to occupy a large share in the TV industry, was overtaken by TCL by 8.8 million units, completely falling to the sixth place in the world.Xiaomi, which has been making a lot of money from its TV products, also lost out, trailing TCL by tens of millions of units to rank fifth in the global ranking.Moreover, it is worth mentioning that hisense, a local TV brand, did not lead TCL in terms of sales this time, ranking fourth globally with 19.8 million units sold.But despite TCL’s strength, beating SONY and Hisense, it still has two strong rivals in the market: Top-selling Samsung and runner-up LG.The two Korean companies sold 41.6 million units and 26.7 million units respectively, far surpassing TCL’s current strength.Samsung and LG have pulled ahead because they have mastered the technology to develop TVS and components.TV products made in Korea have been on the rise since the 1990s, when several Korean companies, including Samsung and LG, concentrated on developing related components.As a result, Korea has taken the lead in technology in this field and has opened a big gap with other brands.In addition, Samsung and LG have made their global reputation through screen panels and semiconductor chips, so TCL is still in a weak position.However, this does not mean that domestic TV sets will never emerge. Since TCL has sales channels in Japan, Australia, Europe and the United States, the demand for TCL products is still very strong even in the European market, so TCL still has a large sales growth space in the future.In addition, TCL has also established an exclusive TV production chain with suppliers such as Huaxing, which can guarantee the supply and production of products.Another exciting news is that SINCE 2019, TCL has been narrowing the power gap with Samsung and LG, so that by 2021, the share of TCL’s three smart displays will be equal to LG’s products.Among them, TCL has captured 90% of the global market share of a miniature display screen, basically establishing a monopoly in the market.Therefore, facing the fierce market competition in the future, TCL still has a large competitive capital to participate in.Besides, compared with LG and Samsung, TCL has a unique market advantage, that is, it is backed by the Chinese consumer market. Nowadays, the consumption level and consumption power of Chinese consumers are universally recognized, and most enterprises take the initiative to open the Chinese market.It is not hard to imagine that if TCL can get the support of Chinese consumers, its future sales will have more powerful potential to be exploited.According to TCL’s plan this year, in the next three years, the company will invest a total of 2 billion yuan to expand production lines and build higher-end products.In the future TV field, whether domestic brands can occupy a dominant position in the world?Any good ideas?