Juve have secured a $67 million contract for the post-2000 striker, Barcelona are chasing Morata and Manchester United are set to sign a new manager

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With less than a week to go before the winter transfer window closes, teams are also making last-minute efforts to bolster their positions.Juve, who have struggled with their lack of quality since cristiano Ronaldo’s departure this season, have made an official offer to fiorentina of 67 million euros and a bonus, according to two transfer gods, roma and scilla. Scilla revealed:”Miriam vlahovic is in the final stages of a deal to join Juve, having agreed a five-year deal worth 7 million euros a year.”Vlahovic’s contract expires next summer and he has refused to extend it, forcing the viola to sell him in the winter in order to get a better deal.Vlahovic’s closest rival was Arsenal, but he doesn’t want to join the gunners, preferring to join a club that can play in the Champions League.Vlahovic has been in outstanding form this season, scoring 17 league goals so far, joint top scorer in Serie A with Emile Inmobile.While vlahovic is almost certain to join Juve, Barcelona have also made their move, reopening negotiations with Morata, who xavi has long believed to be their preferred centre-forward.Morata has not been the main centre forward for Juve, and the arrival of Miriam Vlahovic will certainly reduce morata’s playing time.Although Morata is keen to return to La Liga, barca also face a salary cap problem. For Morata to join the club, one of their players will have to leave.Otherwise morata would not have been registered in time.Manchester United have finally received good news as director Martial has confirmed a loan move to Sevilla.Romano says sevilla and Manchester United have reached an agreement.The player has accepted the move and Sevilla are his first choice.Sevilla will pay Martial’s wages until June, but there is no buyout clause in his contract and the player himself will fly to Spain in the next few hours.With cristiano Ronaldo, Edinson Cavani, Marcus rashford and Glenn Greenwood all ahead of him, martial has scored just one goal this season and has been forced to leave in order to play more football and the World Cup.Schirra also revealed that Newcastle have made a formal offer to loan Lingard to United, while Tottenham are close to signing Wolves winger Traore for? 20m, while Paris are also in talks with spurs over the loan of Ndonbele.