K-pop star wedding general trench!Hyun Bin Sun Yizhen’s wedding cost about 780,000 yuan and dinner cost about 340,000 yuan

2022-05-19 0 By

Sohu Entertainment news on April 2, Xuan Bin Sun Yizhen wedding costs exposure, meal costs will vary according to the composition, but the average person 280 thousand won (about 1700 yuan), Xuan Bin Sun Yizhen wedding guests about 200 people, meal costs a total of 56 million won, about 340 thousand yuan.It is understood that the wedding venue wark heights day rental fee is 20 million won (about 120000 RMB), if rent wedding venue rental fee is 40 million won a day (about 240000 yuan), wedding flower adornment about 25 million won (about 150000 RMB), wedding, both inside and outside the security costs at least 10 million won (about 60000 RMB).The total cost of the wedding is estimated at 130 million won (780,000 yuan).