What a sweet smile!The linesman who won the women’s soccer championship became famous for his high appearance and was forced to shut down social media because his fans were so crazy

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On the evening of February 6, Beijing time, the curtain came down on the 2022 Women’s Asian Cup.The Chinese women’s football team came from 2-0 down in the first half to score three goals in a row in the second half.In the end, with a 93rd minute winner, The Chinese women’s football team defeated the South Korean women’s football team 3-2 to reach the top of Asia again in 16 years.After the match, many fans have been feeling: this is the real Chinese football!Chinese women’s soccer girls are the most beautiful, sonorous roses bloom again, exulting!Some fans also said that a linesman who officiated the match was also very beautiful, second only to the girls of the Chinese women’s football team!For most of the first half, the game was relatively tame, with many fans focusing their attention on the linesman.South Korea put most of their attacking firepower on their right flank in the first half, just inside the linesman’s area of play.The match was officiated by a panel of referees mainly from Australia, with another linesman from Pakistan and the one being watched by fans, Joanna Kate Charaktis, also from Australia.Charla Curtis was born in 1993 and is only 29 years old.Throughout the match, Charla Curtis was very perceptive and her decisions were timely and accurate, which showed her ability.Charla Curtis has officiated several top Tournaments in Asia and has been named Australia’s female referee of the Year.Chara Curtis has been popular since the southeast Asian Games in 2019, when she officiated several women’s football matches and became a cult idol among fans and netizens.Charla Curtis’ law enforcement videos were animated, and fans took screenshots of the game to keep her smiling and frowning.Legions of fans flooded Charla Curtis’ social media accounts, sending frantic messages and messages.Charla Curtis was so overwhelmed by the harassment that she had to deactivate her social media accounts in order to get her social media back to normal.According to previous reports, Charla Curtis, who is single, loves life, travels and perhaps focuses too much on his job as a football referee.