What is the resource base for bozhou to develop “TCM health tourism”?What are the development prospects?

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According to the 14th Five-Year Plan for Tourism Development, a number of national TCM health tourism demonstration zones and bases should be built.In September last year, Bozhou city made it clear to speed up the development of traditional Chinese medicine health tourism and formulated the Development Plan of Traditional Chinese medicine health tourism in Bozhou.What is the resource base for bozhou to develop “TCM health tourism”?What are the development prospects?The development of TRADITIONAL Chinese medicine culture is constantly in the “Medicine Capital Road”, “Medicine King Road”, “Hua Tuo Road”, “Bo Shao Road”…There are many such road signs in bozhou city, which make people feel the traditional Chinese medicine culture of Bozhou.Bozhou has a long history of traditional Chinese medicine culture.Since hua Tuo, a miracle doctor, opened the first “medicine garden” in Bozhou in the late Eastern Han Dynasty, bozhou people have been engaged in the planting, processing and trade of traditional Chinese medicine for more than 1800 years, and gradually become the most important processing and trade base of traditional Chinese medicine in China.In recent years, bozhou Municipal Party Committee and government adhere to the strategy of “establishing the city with medicine and strengthening the city with medicine”, forming a good situation of thousands of pharmaceutical enterprises, one hundred thousand pharmaceutical merchants, one million pharmaceutical farmers and hundreds of billions of market.At present, the city’s planting area of Chinese medicinal materials accounts for about 10% of the country and 60% of the province.Zhang Xiuzhong, director of the Bozhou Municipal Bureau of Culture, Tourism and Sports, said: “We hold international (Bozhou) TRADITIONAL Chinese Medicine Expo and peony blossom health preservation cultural tourism Festival every year, and the industrial chain of traditional Chinese medicine health tourism has been formed.”Nowadays, the image of bozhou as the world’s medical capital can be seen everywhere.At 7:30 in the morning, Kangmei Huatuo International Traditional Chinese Medicine City is already crowded.This traditional Chinese medicine city, with more than 8,000 stalls, is one of the 17 professional markets of traditional Chinese medicine in China and the largest trading center of traditional Chinese medicine in China.Su, deputy general manager of the traditional Chinese medicine city, said that in 2015, tourism in the city was booming, and a large number of tourists came to the city every day, so the local government developed the “Traditional Chinese medicine + tourism” product.In 2019, at least 200 buses carried tourists on weekends. Subsequently, TCM City was established as a 3A national tourist attraction, a TCM health tourism base of Anhui Province, and a Research and travel base of Anhui Province.Today, although affected by the epidemic, bozhou is still a place for many tourists to punch in.Bozhou Traditional Chinese Medicine Commodity Exchange Center, which is on the same street as Kangmei Huatuo International Traditional Chinese Medicine City, is an intelligent emerging market with a “tourist service center” on the first floor. In 2019, it was rated as a 3A tourist scenic spot, becoming another place for tourists to punch in.It can be seen that bozhou put forward the development of traditional Chinese medicine health tourism is confident.Bozhou is a national historical and cultural city, one of the first batch of China’s excellent tourism cities, the “One Belt and One Road” international health tourism destination, the international fitness Qigong five poultry opera capital, the national medicated food capital, and has the conditions to develop traditional Chinese medicine health tourism.In 2017, Bozhou city successfully passed the establishment reply report and on-site acceptance organized by the former National Tourism Administration and The State Administration of Traditional Chinese Medicine, and became one of the first 15 units to establish the National TCM health tourism demonstration zone.The executive meeting of Anhui Provincial government studied and approved the “World Capital of Traditional Chinese Medicine (Anhui Bozhou) Construction and Development Plan (2020-2030)”, bozhou is boosting the rapid development of traditional Chinese medicine health tourism from the aspects of finance, finance, land and so on.On January 7 this year, more than 40 enterprises such as Bozhou City culture tourism Group, Gujing Group and Jiren Pharmaceutical established the traditional Chinese medicine health tourism organization, making bozhou health tourism to the market a big step forward.”The core of the future tourism market is the product, we strive to use two years to form a group of product clusters that can be named, hit the market.”Bozhou culture tourism group general manager, traditional Chinese medicine health tourism alliance chairman Xu Yang said.In bozhou interview, the deepest impression is that many pharmaceutical enterprises are a-level scenic spots and have A special exhibition hall to receive tourists.Chengqingtang is a century-old brand inherited from five generations, founded in the 16th year of The Qing Dynasty guangxu, specializing in paste recipe production technology.Six years ago, Chengqing Hall began to receive visitors, with an exhibition hall of more than 200 square meters installed in the famous Huazu Temple built in memory of Hua Tuo in Bozhou.Li Hao, head of chengqingtang’s office, said many patients like to come here to learn about the history of TRADITIONAL Chinese medicine and enhance their confidence in traditional Chinese medicine.Anhui Xiecheng Pharmaceutical Decoction Pieces Co., Ltd. is a modern Chinese medicine production enterprise focusing on the research and development, planting, processing and sales of medicinal materials, and its production base is also a 3A tourist attraction.The company has set up a traditional Chinese medicine culture exhibition hall in the newly built Traditional Chinese medicine hall.Zhao Weihe, deputy general manager of Xiehe Pharmaceutical, said: “In the past, we mainly sold medicine, but with the expansion of business, especially after the construction of the Traditional Chinese medicine hall, we began to make culture through industry and products. Many customers came to the traditional Chinese medicine Hall, which can receive tens of thousands of tourists a year.”Jiren Pharmaceutical Group has an exhibition hall covering an area of 9,000 square meters with more than 8,000 pieces of collection. From pictures and objects to layout and furnishings, it is full of artistic feeling.Zhu Yuejian, deputy general manager of the company, said, “It is important to have a good grasp of TRADITIONAL Chinese medicine technology, but there are not many traditional Chinese medicine exhibition halls, so we invested a huge amount of money to build this pavilion.”The museum passed the inspection in 2021 and was approved as the Traditional Chinese Medicine culture propaganda and education base of Anhui Province in the same year. Since its opening, the museum has received more than 50,000 people.In addition to large pharmaceutical enterprises, Wei Ling, the second municipal non-hereditary inheritor of Huatuo Jiaji acupoint and the descendant of the 76 generation of Huatuo Jiaji acupoint, opened a clinic in Bozhou Huatuo Temple, where he exhibited his original Huatuo Baotou and Huatuo health sachet.In 2008, Bozhou Gujing Wine Culture Expo Park became a 4A level tourist attraction, which is the first 4A level tourist attraction approved by liquor industry application.The author learned that recently, Gujing Group set up a 5A tourism scenic area management committee (preparatory).Zhang Bo, director of the management committee, said: “Chuang5A” aims to let more people know about the “contribution culture” that Gujing people uphold.”Contribution culture” originated from Cao Cao’s wine offering. In the first year of Jian ‘an (196 AD), it is said that Cao Cao dedicated wine and wine recipe from his hometown bozhou to Liu Xie, emperor Xian of han Dynasty, which became the historical source of Gujing Gong wine.”We now have not only the gujing Wine Culture Expo Park of the old factory, but also the Wuji wine cellar of the new factory, which now attracts more than 7,000 teams every year with an average annual reception of more than 500,000 people.We also have an intelligent factory under construction, and the group will combine the three factories for industrial tourism, with a total investment of 200 million yuan.”Bozhou must taste medicinal food.In 2016, the medicated diet representative team organized by bozhou Medicated Diet Health Preservation Association won the “special gold Medal” in the 9th National Medicated diet health preservation Competition.In recent years, bozhou has launched health, tonic, beauty, conditioning and other four categories of bozhou medicated food, and in the city’s more than 300 catering enterprises to promote.At the same time, more than 2000 kinds of traditional Chinese medicine health drinks such as medicinal wine, medicinal tea, traditional Chinese medicine and flowers have been developed.According to Rui Rui, head of Bozhou Medicine Capital International Travel Agency, their travel agency launched a few years ago the traditional Chinese medicine health tourism routes, covering scenic spots, pharmaceutical enterprises, wuqinxi, medicinal food and so on.Until 2020, groups alone will make at least 100,000 visits a year.In spring, The big world of medicine and flower sightseeing is peach and willow green.It is a demonstration base of bozhou characteristic traditional Chinese medicine planting, covering an area of more than 100,000 mu.Next to the base, there are two scenic spots: the large-scale national defense Education comprehensive base and huatuo Hundred Grass Garden.”This area has become a huge traditional Chinese medicine health tourism cluster.””Said Zhang Dengfeng, secretary general of the Chinese Medicine Health Tourism Alliance.With The State Council’s “14th Five-year” tourism development Plan for the development of traditional Chinese medicine health tourism support, bozhou “traditional Chinese medicine + tourism” business development prospect is promising.Pan Chengyao, head of the resources development department of the Bozhou Municipal Bureau of Culture, tourism and Sports, said the bureau has approved the drawing of the route map of traditional Chinese medicine health tourism products in Bozhou, which reflects all the traditional Chinese medicine health enterprises in bozhou through the tour routes and maps, so that customers can find them easily.(Author: Li Yuanfeng;Editing: Song Yuqiu)