Eight people were arrested for laundering money from gambling websites

2022-05-20 0 By

The police arrested the suspects involved.Tonghua City, Jilin province, has arrested 8 suspects in a money-laundering case involving gambling websites, the city’s public security bureau said Wednesday.According to the investigation, the case involved more than 100 million yuan.It is reported that tonghua City public Security Bureau Dongchang Branch democratic police station recently received clues, area residents Gao mou a bank card flow is abnormal, there may be money laundering.After receiving the clue, the police immediately draws from the police force to establish a special case group to launch an investigation.The police from the flow of funds, involved personnel track, information flow and other multi-direction synchronous promotion of investigation work, and finally determined that Gao mou is one of the members of the money laundering gang, and in the recent frequent active in a district in Shenyang.After identifying the dens, more than 20 police officers immediately carried out arrest operations, and all 8 suspects were arrested on the same day.Police found 20 mobile phones and 50 bank cards used for money laundering.The police learned by interrogation, 8 suspects through the Internet contact that they use their bank cards to help people transfer money to obtain the corresponding flow of income.At present, the suspects involved are suspected of helping information network crime activities were all taken criminal compulsory measures, the case is being further tried.(Source: Chinanews.com)