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Good news!The first rural bus line in Ningbo will be launched on the first day of January. The first rural bus line in the New Year will depart from Anshan village, Hongtang Street.Anshan Village, located in hongtang street, east of Baoguo Temple tourist resort, south of cijiang River, west of sun Lake border, north of Ma on Shan and Wenxi, known as the “bright pearl under the Beishan Hiking trail”, unique natural environment makes the village attracted many tourists to come to play.However, at present, there is only one bus route through Anshan Village, no. 338. If you want to go to the city center, you need to change buses and transfer, and it takes nearly an hour for one way, which makes it very inconvenient for the elderly in the village to travel or visit relatives and friends.Zhu Lei, a representative of the Jiangbei Rendahongtang Central Group, is very concerned about the needs of the elderly.After investigation, she found that not only Anshan Village, there are ningbo Nanshan Sanatorium for the Elderly (Enmei Children’s Welfare Home), Hongtang Welfare Home, Jiangbei Cixiao Paradise and other pension institutions in this area, all have a relatively large demand for bus travel.”Now that living conditions are better, children can drive to visit the elderly,” she said.However, the vast majority of elderly people are not capable of driving alone and still need to rely on public transportation to get around.It would be very convenient to have a direct bus line to the city.”With the joint efforts of Zhu Lei, the city bus company, Hongtang Street and anshan Village Committee, the good news came that the new bus route has been determined.Now the citizens of Yongcheng can also take this rural brigade line 1 to Anshan village in the Spring Festival holiday and have a look at its beautiful scenery.Starting from February 1, 2022, China Rural Travel Service Line 1 (East Gate, Anshan Village Culture Square, Hongtang Road, Jiangbei District) will begin trial operation.The length of the line is about 18.2 km, and the ticket price is 2 yuan.Specific time and route: 7:00, 9:20, 13:30, 16:00 Heyi Avenue (East Gate) — Anshan Cultural Square: 8:00, 10:30, 14:40, 17:00Anbao line, Dongbao line, Rongji West Road, Kangzhuang North Road, Kangzhuang South Road, Huachen Bridge, Yucai Road, Xinzhi Road, Tongtu Road (Yongfeng West section), Yongfeng North Road ↑, Yongfeng Road, North Liberation Road, Zhongshan East Road, Kexin Street ↑, Heyi Road ↑.Site set up anshan village culture square, anshan weng, anshan village, ningbo social welfare institute (nanshan geriatric nursing home), protect the temple, lingshan, should be Carrie garden, huachen bridge north, yucai vessel north road, Gao Tang garden, HuaCi hospital (the second hospital), zhongshan square, fu bridge street, east gate left, heyi avenue (east gate