The 24th meeting of the 12th Standing Committee of the District Committee was held

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On April 6, Zhang Chonglin, secretary of the CPC District Committee, presided over the 24th meeting of the 12th CPC District Committee Standing Committee.Yang Buxin, Sun Xiaoyan, Liang Tongjing, Chen Lei, Song Yuexia, He Yanchao, Wang Jiaxiang, Zhu Feng, Zuo Peng and other district leaders attended.The meeting conveyed and studied the spirit of the national and provincial united Front ministerial conference.The meeting highlighted ideological and political guidance.We should give prominence to political guidance, take political nature as the primary attribute of united Front work, and constantly consolidate the common ideological and political foundation for united endeavor.Focus on the overall service center.Focusing on the tasks of “strengthening industrial areas and enriching people through tourism”, we should make good use of various consultation mechanisms, make suggestions and practice, and comprehensively combine “the central position, the overall situation and the advantages of united Front”.We will continue to strengthen self-improvement.We should deepen comprehensive research and judgment on the allocation of non-PARTY officials, strengthen the capacity building of united Front officials and non-Party representatives in a targeted manner, and constantly improve their capacity for service development.The conference conveyed the speeches of provincial and municipal leaders on the special investigation and rectification work conference on the assistance and assistance of special groups with special difficulties and the protection of women and children’s rights and interests, and the video scheduling conference on the investigation, treatment, assistance and management of patients with severe mental disorders in the province.Meeting request, deepen thought understanding.The whole area should have a deep understanding of the importance and necessity of the special investigation and rectification work, effectively enhance the sense of responsibility and urgency of work, shoulder political responsibility, dare to take on as, and steadily promote the special investigation and rectification work tasks.Focus on the key tasks.Each town and street, the relevant departments to improve the organizational structure, make specific work plans, task lists, flow charts, promote special investigation and rectification, absolutely.We will strengthen our responsibility to fulfill our mission.In accordance with the principle of “territorial management” and “who is in charge and who is responsible”, the special squad should promote the territorial and departments to fulfill their responsibilities, and form a working pattern of each taking his or her own responsibilities and daring to grasp and manage.The district Political and Legal committee should persist in taking the lead, organizing and coordinating in strength, supervising and guiding in business, and carrying out investigation and rectification work in depth.The meeting conveys the spirit of the speech of zhou Qing, the standing Committee member of the Municipal Committee of Political and legal Affairs and secretary of the Committee of Political and legal Affairs.Meeting requirements, deep learning understanding.We need to study the general thinking on political security work this year, fully grasp the work objectives of “four precautions and two guarantees” and the key tasks in the five areas, and do a good job in planning and promoting political security work with a high sense of political responsibility and mission.Be practical.On the basis of highlighting risks in the five areas, we need to conduct comprehensive screening and sorting out major risks that may affect political security and the security of the PARTY’s 20 major congresses, assess risks one by one, implement inventory management, and take appropriate measures in light of local conditions to ensure precise and effective prevention.We will effectively strengthen supervision.We should strengthen the tracking and mastery of risks and hidden dangers, focus on the key and difficult points, and carry out open and secret inspections in a more straightforward manner to understand and grasp the situation of risk mitigation and stability control on the ground.The Political and Legal Committee of the District Party Committee should lead the organization of special supervision, timely remind the non-responsibility and inaction in the work, and resolutely rectify in place.The meeting discussed and agreed in principle to the Implementation Opinions on Promoting traditional Chinese Medicine Inheritance and Innovation in Hongze District, Implementation Opinions on building a Compact Regional Medical Community in Hongze District, and Implementation Plan of Strengthening the Foundation of Health Talents in Hongze District (discussion draft).The meeting pointed out that deepening understanding.TCM is a treasure of the Chinese nation with rich connotations and an important part of the inheritance and development of traditional Chinese culture, which must be highly valued.Through the formulation and implementation of documents, the basic medical security of the masses will be satisfied, and the sense of gain and happiness of the people will be constantly improved.Efforts will be made to improve the quality of TCM personnel at the grassroots level, so that people can enjoy high-quality and efficient TCM services nearby, and effectively improve the overall medical level of the whole region.Implementation in place.We need to clearly define budget items, give priority to ensuring funding for areas related to people’s wellbeing, and ensure that all policies and institutions are put into place.To adhere to the problem-oriented, active research, collect feedback documents during the implementation of the opinions, do immediately know immediately change;We should be good at summarizing and upgrading, dynamically observe the actual benefits of the program in the implementation process, timely adjust and modify, improve the summary, and promote pragmatic and effective.The meeting discussed and agreed in principle to several policies on the Implementation of innovation-driven Development Strategy to Accelerate the Construction of National Innovative Cities (discussion draft) and implementation Opinions on the Development and Expansion of village-level collective Economy led by Party Construction (discussion draft);Other matters were thrashed out at the meeting.Original title: “24th Meeting of the 12th District Committee Standing Committee held”