After the Spring Festival, children’s lucky money to buy insurance in this way the most cost-effective

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After the Spring Festival, our social workers have begun to go to work.As friends of parents, there is no less “confiscation” of children’s lucky money during the Chinese New Year!This part of the New Year’s money, how to deal with the best interests?Today, bao mei will give you a good Lao Lao.We all know that risk is everywhere, and that the consequences of risk can be a big or small blow to the average family.Accordingly, we should be on guard more, do healthy safeguard well to adult, also should match neat safeguard to the child, consider deposit danger to wait finally.Protect younger sister to configure different versions of the child insurance program, look down together, there is a need or do not understand the grasp of our professional reliable consultant to consult ~ basic version under normal circumstances, children configure millions of medical treatment, children serious disease, accident insurance these three kinds of commercial insurance can, there is no need to buy fixed life for children.After the birth of a child, the parents should buy the national welfare for the child health insurance as soon as possible.On children serious disease, choose basic safeguard to the child, protect the amount to do 500,000, protect to 30 years old is ok.Such basic configuration, cost performance is simply not too high!One unit!The insurance amount of accident insurance is 200,000 yuan, with 10,000 yuan of accidental medical treatment, 100% reimbursement of internal and external medication.In the million medical, serious disease insurance, accident insurance are complete configuration, can use small hospitalization as an auxiliary to reimburse the medical expenses within 10,000 deductible million medical treatment.High edition high edition added some highlights on the basic version: Highlight 1: Children’s serious disease insurance coverage increased to 800,000, the guarantee period to life compared with the previous basic version, the high edition will extend the serious disease insurance period to life, the guarantee amount increased to 800,000, so that children have enough insurance against risks.Highlight 2: Small inpatient medical insurance will be increased to 20,000 for children who are sick and often seek medical treatment. The utilization rate of small inpatient medical insurance will be increased, and the reimbursement amount will be increased from 10,000 to 20,000, making the insurance more comprehensive.Top version highlight 1: the middle end medical insurance here to configure the children to replace millions of medical insurance, so that children enjoy better medical services.The middle and high-end medical insurance can reimburse not only the general department, but also the special needs department, VIP department, and even the designated private medical institutions. There is no need to queue. There are also various value-added services, which improve the medical experience of N levels and greatly increase the sense of happiness.Highlight 2: The combination of regular serious illness and lifelong serious illness increases the insurance amount for children. On the basis of 800,000 children’s lifelong serious illness, another 500,000 children’s regular serious illness is added, which effectively improves the security intensity and the insurance amount is quite sufficient for children when they are minors.Highlight 3: increase annuity/increase the amount of life for retirement in addition, children’s lucky money is more surplus.Parents can save money ahead of time by buying an annuity or increasing life expectancy for themselves or their children.After all, interest rates are so low that putting money in them is worth less.For example, choose a lifetime increase, buy 50,000 every year, buy 10 years, when the child is 30 years old, the cash value can reach 1.13 million, if kept at the age of 60, the cash value is nearly 3.2 million, fully turned over 2-6 times.The three versions of the configuration summarized above are for reference only and are not applicable to every home.Specific insurance configuration, can look for us to configure for you your plan.Long press the two-dimensional code at the end of the article, identify the picture appointment consultant, so that you do not buy wrong, do not buy expensive.