“Friends” 10 seasons back on Sohu video 2.11 premiere of American TV series classic + more new attacks

2022-05-21 0 By

On February 11th, treasure classic American TV series “Friends” surprise return, in Sohu video ushered in the full network premiere, every Friday at 8:00 PM update a season, ten consecutive weeks enjoy ten seasons.On the launch day, Guan Ling, Zhu Zhu, Gu Da Baihua and Lian Mai visited sohu’s video studio to review the classics and chat about American TV series with netizens, and deeply recommended many American TV series on Sohu’s video platform, including Friends.Friends, the long-running sitcom about six young people’s work and life, has been remembered by many people since its first season in 1994. It has also become a recurring dinner show and background sound for many people.Live live, actor and host Kwan Ling Even Mai Zhu Zhu, Gu Da Baihua, three friends “iron fans” chat when the interesting tidbits, as well as what the classic content of the play is worth N brush, what scene triggered the audience resonance, why become a generation of youth memory and other hot topics.Even in the mai live broadcast, several guests also passed the guessing test to authenticate “old friends hardcore fans”, and netizens also actively participated through bullet screen.I Love My Family star Ling Guan recalls the classic scenes from Friends.Film critic Tanda Baihua recalled watching the drama in college 20 years ago. I still remember the tears streaming down my face when I watched the finale with my classmates in my dormitory.Actor juju jokes is GuanLing fans, since the childhood favorite sitcom home is “I love my family”, is the friends abroad, three people talking about the friends of the classic pieces, ke is the best of CP, the actor’s fashion wear build model, juju is impromptu imitating the English lines and classic scenes, set off a wave of classic scene nostalgia boom!The trio admitted that they all had different insights into their lives as they looked back at the show at different ages, and finally gave away “Friends 25th Anniversary T-shirts” through a live lottery to invite fans to watch the show online.”Friends” is the enlightenment of many Domestic audiences, its contribution of friendship and love under the theme of funny and touching stories, loved by fans.What would the world be like if there were no such a show as Friends?”The popularity of Friends is not only limited to the joy and emotion it brings to us, but also set off a new trend of sitcoms,” said Guan. “It has become a reference for many sitcoms.Zhu zhu said that friends is a “big classroom” for her, which not only teaches her many things, but also a kind of company that she can review at any time.In addition to the “Friends” all ten seasons of the blockbuster return, Sohu video will also be “treasure classic + quality new” combined direction to introduce quality American TV series, build the Strategic matrix of American TV series.Exclusive five seasons of Breaking Bad, Four seasons of The Bloodline, Rebirth and other hits for fans to review the classics at any time.At the same time, Sohu video also has “Lincoln”, “Family of five” and other new plays, as well as “Coyote” and other plays in the list of new American DRAMAS. In the future, there will be more other resources online, continue to build “watching American dramas on Sohu video”.