Peak flow is 3.5 megabits per second!Microsoft has been hit by the most powerful hacking attack in its history

2022-05-21 0 By

Microsoft said it was hit by an unprecedented DDoS(distributed denial of service) hack last November, with a peak traffic of 3.47 terabits, or nearly 3.5 gigabytes.The attack is believed to have targeted Customers of Microsoft’s Azure cloud service in Asia.The attack took place on Port 80 for about 15 minutes, using about 10,000 attack sources around the world and using multiple methods including SSDP, CLDAP, DNS and NTP.In December, Microsoft was hit by a similar attack that also peaked at 3.25Tbps and lasted longer.As recently as October, Microsoft faced a 2.4TBps attack that lasted more than 10 minutes and also targeted Azure Customers in Asia.Microsoft noted that the global scale of DDoS attacks reached an all-time high in the second half of last year, with attacks on Microsoft increasing 40 percent from the first half of the year, with 4,296 attacks on August 10 alone.However, this attack, Microsoft all withstand.