What’s trending today?The academician gave up his patent for a life-saving drug for only 290 yuan a box

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todayHas a “the most warm” news on weibo out the top five in the 1950 s famous hematology experts lanotte face numerous leukemia deaths decided to conquer his lead the team to experiment, validation, and then, to verify the last change to “kill tumor cells damage to normal cells” therapy guided tumor cells “abandon evil reformed” acute early young granulocyte leukemia into firstA cure for cancer this method is also called “differentiation” since all trans retinoic acid for use in acute promyelocytic leukemia of the scheme is of good clinical effect makes the leukemia survival rate increased significantly and make it become the first in the history of human tumor can be cured of cancer to save more people he gave up his patent and this box of 10 grains of life-saving medicine only so farAsked why he insisted on not applying for the patent, Wang zhenyi said, “I only want the patient to be well.”Netizens were moved by the academician’s generosity. “The doctor has a kind heart”, “hero” and “salute”. I wish Academician Wang good health!Salute to Academician Wang!Comprehensive | CCTV news, morning video source, the net friend comment on: xiaoxiang morning herald, kwangmyong