“Winter Olympics come” Passion shines bright “Double Olympic City”

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Visitors cheer at nihewan Archaeological Site Park in Yangyuan County, Zhangjiakou city, north China’s Hebei province, Feb. 3, 2019.The shape of the torch “flying” is very dynamic and energetic. The color is silver and red, symbolizing the meeting of fire and ice. The flame is flying with passion, lighting up snow and ice and warming the world.The torch relay for the Beijing Winter Olympic Games was carried by 132 torchbearers during the 10.6-km relay in the Olympic Forest Park on February 2.In the Olympic Forest Park, a symbol of the “central axis of charm”, the torchbearers marched proudly and enthusiastically along the fitness trail, showing their own style in a healthy, happy and energetic atmosphere.The torch relay of the Beijing Winter Olympic Games was carried by 416 torchbearers over a distance of more than 20 kilometers in Beijing Winter Olympic Park and Shougang Park on The afternoon of February 2.The theme of Beijing Winter Olympics Park and Shougang Park is “Ice and snow Show Belt”, showing the achievements of 300 million people participating in ice and snow sports, reflecting the unique charm of “The City of Double Olympics”.In Beijing’s Winter Olympics Park, torchbearers ran happily along the banks of rivers and lakes, feeling the charm of the Winter Olympics among green mountains and clear waters.Wang Meng, China’s most decorated Winter Olympic gold medalist and a coach of heilongjiang Province ice Training Center, will be the first runner. Shan Zhaojian, former secretary general of the Chinese Ski Association, and Liu Qiuhong, a five-time world champion in short track speed skating and 3,000-meter relay, will be the torchbearers.The highlight was the underwater leg of the torch relay.This link is jointly completed by amphibious robot and underwater variable structure robot, including three parts: robot sliding into the water on the ice, underwater torch transfer and fire transmission, and robot coming out of the water.In the process of transmission, it can not only reflect the magical scene of fire and water in the water, but also show the concept of green environmental protection advocated by the designer.”New Shougang High-end Industry Comprehensive Service Area” (shougang Park for short) is the site of Beijing Winter Olympics Organizing Committee and Shougang skiing platform, breeding the dream of China’s winter Olympics sports.Zhang Li, director of the school of Architecture of Tsinghua University, who is in charge of the design of the ski big jump, said that the design of the “big jump” was inspired by the combination of the jump and the elegant image of Dunhuang “Flying Apsaras”, hoping to convey the Romance of Chinese style with the beauty and smoothness of the architectural appearance.During the torch relay in The Beijing Winter Olympics Park and Shougang Park, more than 500 volunteers worked as spotters, audience organizers and media receptions.They come from the University Beijing West Development Alliance, shijingshan Community volunteer service team, youth federation, sub-district youth League working committee, etc. Their average age is 24, most of them are college students.They provided professional, all-round and high-quality volunteer services with full enthusiasm, and contributed youth strength to the torch relay activities.About 40 torchbearers carried the torch for the Beijing Winter Olympic Games during its 1.47-kilometer relay in Badaling on Sunday morning.In the symbol of “national ridge” badaling Great Wall, torchbearers holding the silver and red torch “flying” up the stairs, their vigorous posture and the magnificent Great Wall into an organic whole.Ma Long, a Chinese men’s table tennis player and Olympic champion who carried the torch at the Badaling Great Wall, said he believed the Beijing Winter Olympics would encourage more people to love ice and snow sports, to exercise their bodies, temper their minds and challenge themselves.He always pays attention to snow and ice events, especially watching short track speed skating, figure skating, aerials and other events.On the third day of the Chinese New Year, local people in Yanqing performed traditional silk lanterns and dance performances such as “Please Come to the Great Wall to ski” to express their joy in welcoming the Winter Olympics.The torch was carried by about 50 torchbearers over a distance of 2.487km at the Yanqing World Grape Expo Park.In the Yanqing World Grape Expo Park, where “ice and snow for the public” is displayed, torchbearers shuttled through the science museum, ice rink, snow carnival and other leisure places for the common people, spreading the Olympic spirit to more people.”I feel very proud and honored to be a torchbearer of the Winter Olympics,” said Xu Jianxi, party secretary and village committee director of West Dazhuang Ke Village, Zhangshanying Town, who will carry the torch at the World Grape Expo Park.I am a village party secretary in yanqing area, and many villagers have been working hard for the winter Olympics for several years.Now we can finally say that we are ready to serve!”In the torch relay site, the local residents holding colorful ribbons, with cheerful and moving dance performance “Snow rainbow”, with beaming smiles, youthful passion, to welcome the arrival of the Olympic torch.The unique children’s lantern roller skating shows skillfully combined Chinese traditional culture with the Winter Olympic culture, expressing good wishes for the Beijing Winter Olympic Games.A children’s dancer said: “I feel so honored to be part of this event.Born in China, how lucky!May the world become more and more wonderful with more love and more expectation for the future!”(Hebei Daily reporter Ye Juanjuan) Pay attention to Hebei News network, know the latest news in Hebei.