Yunxi Tumen Town in Hubei province: Pay close attention to project Construction and Strive to achieve a “good start”

2022-05-21 0 By

Jingchu network (Hubei Daily network) news (correspondent Li Fan) excavator waving arms, transport vehicles shuttle back and forth, construction personnel nervous operation……At the beginning of the New Year, the construction sites of many key projects in Tumen Town, Yunxi County show a busy scene in full swing.Since this year, TuMen Town party committee, government adhere to the economic construction as the center, firmly establish a “project is king, catch, catch big project” concept, focusing on small micro enterprise pioneer park, ten west high iron and other major projects, solid foundation to carry out the “chief officer” service system, to optimize business environment, good service “bartender” project construction and the development of the enterprise the gold medal,We will promote rapid economic and social development and strive for a “good start, steady and sound”.YunXi TuMen Town small micro enterprise pioneer park project is 2022 county-level key projects, the project is dedicated to break through the existing traditional development pattern of industrial park, strive to resolve small micro enterprise services, development, fundamental problems such as difficult situation, through the “traditional operas in big, small with large and small push big”, cultivate a number of large and medium-sized enterprises become the leading industry development,Support a large number of small and micro enterprises to gather and develop in the park, and incubate a batch of high-tech enterprises.In order to ensure the smooth start of the project in February, Tumen town set up major projects special class, solid promotion of project construction, only with 40 days to complete the red line of land planning, ground attachment investigation and evaluation and land acquisition work, fully embodies the “fast word as the head, to break the bureau quickly, with fast achievements” of the wind of practical work.The project, with a total investment of 1.86 billion yuan, covers an area of 400 mu and a construction area of 268,000 square meters. The construction period is 22 months.After the completion of the project, more than 30 small and micro enterprises can be settled, annual output value of more than 5 billion yuan, tax revenue of more than 240 million yuan, provide more than 1,000 jobs.”After the Spring Festival small long vacation, tumen town based on early planning, early deployment, quickly held after the festival, the town’s party members and cadres take their place, boost the spirit, closely staring at the wonderful goal of the year, with good energy to sprint the first quarter of economic work ‘off to a good start’.Tumen town Party secretary Ke Zunwei said.