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Fuel surcharge standard adjustment of domestic airlines fuel surcharge again after a month to adjust network pictures on March 31, the reporter learned that, according to the current from hainan airlines, China Eastern airlines, domestic airlines such as grand China aviation news, on April 5, the passengers in adjusting the fuel surcharge levy standard, this also means that on April 5 (the ticket date),Some domestic airlines will adjust fuel surcharges for all domestic flights.According to the notice, the fuel surcharge for domestic flights is 50 yuan per passenger for flights less than 800 kilometers;For flights over 800 kilometers, each passenger is charged RMB100.According to the notice, the fuel surcharge will be halved for children (including unaccompanied children), disabled revolutionary soldiers and people’s police passengers who enjoy 50% discount of ordinary fare announced by adults according to the provisions of the Civil Aviation Administration.For flights over 800 kilometers, each passenger is charged 50 yuan.Infant passengers are exempted from fuel surcharge.Hunan airlines has confirmed the above news.The company said the levy standard will be adjusted from April 5, 2022 inclusive (date of issue/date of travel).It is reported that the adjustment of domestic airline fuel surcharge and the recent rise in domestic aviation fuel prices.International oil prices rose sharply in February as supply constraints and geopolitical tensions persisted.Source: Redstar news editor: Zhaoyue Rector: Lai Ting audit: Zhang Jiawei Shaanxi Provincial Health committee tips: not necessary not to go out of the province!Shaanxi disease control latest tips!Baoji: the resumption of in-house food, the school to resume offline teaching advertising business cooperation: 18691889892 remind more people!