Born into an imperial family, he wields a huge army but does not fight for the throne, and at the age of 70 still wields power

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He is experienced after the dynasty change, live the longest one of the emperor’s sons, his ability is outstanding, the emperor’s father loved, and he has a very strong strength in the Qing army of the tiger Wolf division.With military power, he should have a better chance of winning the throne.But, uncharacteristically, he never entered the fray for the throne.And even in his seventies, he was aixin Jueluo Yin Tao, the twelfth son of Kangxi.When Kangxi died, his nine sons fought for the throne.Finally, Yongzheng Yinzhen succeeded to the throne.But Yin Tao remained neutral and escaped a bloody battle.Kangxi had loved him, Yongzheng was kind to him, and Qianlong was important to him. So how could Yin Tao, who was in the royal family, die well?Why doesn’t he fight for the throne when he has a huge army?Today for everyone to talk about kangxi’s most assured twelfth son, Yin Tao.It is well known that Kangxi was the longest reigning emperor in history.He succeeded to the throne at the age of eight and is known as the youngest son of Heaven.Over time, Kangxi grew up, but Oboi kept him down.Fourteen years old Kangxi can handle government affairs alone, he is not satisfied with ao Worship’s disorderly interference in politics, decided to eradicate him.After getting rid of Aobai, Kangxi’s career began to improve day by day. He was diligent in government and loved the people all his life, showing concern for the people’s feelings, and being conscientious and conscientious, he created the prosperous situation of the Qing Dynasty, and was even called the emperor of the ages by later generations.However, in kangxi’s later years, the loss of nine children to the throne was a blot on his imperial career.Kangxi reigned for sixty-one years, a long time among emperors.As a result, Kangxi had a large number of heirs. Besides those who died young, he had thirty-five sons in all. It was a worry for those who were born into the imperial family to inherit the throne without a son.Having too many sons is also a worry.Among kangxi’s more than thirty sons, more than twenty were vying for favor.Although Kangxi decided on a crown prince early on, in his later years he began to worry about succession to the throne, after all, many of his sons were outstanding.But the emperor’s throne is only one, in order to be able to ascend the throne smoothly into the emperor, one and another of the prince launched to seize the war between brothers for the throne, do not hesitate to fight, even hit the head broken and bleeding.Different factions formed among the imperial sons.Kangxi was very sad and angry as a father, and one of his sons was very special, a mere stream of sons.He held the lifeblood of the Qing dynasty and was favored and trusted by Kangxi, but he did not compete for the throne.This son was The 12th son of Kangxi, Yintao, originally named Aixinjueluo Yintao, because Yongzheng emperor’s name was Aixinjueluo Yintao.To avoid his name, he changed his name to Yuntao.Perhaps many people are not very familiar with this 12th son of Kangxi, compared with other high-profile princes, he is a very low-key person, but also because of his low profile, many people ignore his existence.In 1686, Yuntao was born to Wan Liuha, one of kangxi’s concubines.Because grant tao’s birth mother ha shi is just a common concubine.Therefore, the important status of the imperial palace was very low. According to the custom of the Qing Dynasty, only concubines above the rank of concubines were eligible to raise the emperor’s children, so the birth mother was not eligible to raise twelve A Ge Yuntao.In 1688, Empress Xiaozhuang wen died. Su Ma La Gu, a maid who had grown up with Xiaozhuang, was very sad.In order to comfort Su Ma La gu, Kangxi just born less than two years old allowed pottery to su Ma La gu raise.Only then did Su Ma La Gu pull herself together.The Emperor Kangxi was also brought up by Su Ma La Gu when he was young, and Kangxi trusted him very much.Su Ma La gu followed Xiao Zhuang all her life, and he was a witness and participant of many things.Su Ma La gu was kind-hearted and familiar with manchu and Mongolian characters.For Kangxi, Su Ma La Gu was his closest relative and one of his first teachers.Give him the royal son to raise.It can be said that Kangxi is very relieved.Su Ma La gu words and actions to teach the emperor acceptable pottery, under his cultivation, acceptable pottery developed indifferent to fame and fortune, aloof from worldly affairs character.Become a clean stream among the many princes.Because acceptable pottery is su Ma La gu personally brought up, Su Ma La gu was also loved by Kangxi, often accompany him around.In his later years, Kangxi nine sons to seize the throne, the emperors lost their minds to seize the throne, and Acceptable pottery did not participate in them, maintain a neutral attitude, successfully escaped a robbery.Kangxi gave the military power to allow pottery, especially for this son care.At that time acceptable tao was appointed by Kangxi du tong, very high status.Can say, if acceptable pottery to participate in the battle for the throne, he is fully capable of fighting for so as the kangxi emperor’s twelfth son, acceptable pottery hand holding heavy troops why to quit the battle for the throne?In fact, a large part of it is because of his adoptive mother Su Ma La gu’s teachings, coupled with their own character, is aloof from worldly affairs.In 1722, Kangxi died in Changchun Garden at the age of 69.After Kangxi’s death, Yongzheng succeeded in winning the throne of the Qing Dynasty with nine sons.After yongzheng ascended the throne, in order to consolidate the throne, he executed many princes and ministers.He did not kill all his brothers, but left some of them, so as not to be stigmatized as cruel and heartless.In the face of this worldly younger brother, Yuntao, Yongzheng did not confine him or dismiss him like other brothers.On the contrary, judging from yuntao’s official position, Yongzheng gave him a very high position.After, although acceptable pottery position again reduced, finally was reduced to more than county king, but acceptable pottery or in their own position to do things, neither humble nor pushy.In 1724, zong Renfu impeached Yun Tao, saying that he had not acted prudently enough and demanded that his title be removed.Acceptable pottery demoted from multi king for gushan shell.In 1730, Emperor Yongzheng reinstated Yuntao.After that, Yongzheng appointed Yuntao in charge of the affairs of the Rites Department, and Yuntao’s power and status gradually rose until the end of Yongzheng’s life.He attached great importance to his relatives, yun Tao was reused, he also won the trust of Emperor Yongzheng.From then on, Yongzheng gave Yuntao heavy responsibilities and even ordered him to be in charge of everything in the clan house and the ministry of Rites.Yongzheng to yu Yun Tao this younger brother.From suspicion to trust.Compared with other princes, Yuntao was treated well by Yongzheng.In 1735, Emperor Yongzheng died at the age of 58.Yongzheng passed to the fourth emperor aixinjueluo Hongli, Qianlong Hongli inherited the throne, also did not embarrass acceptable pottery.Qianlong period, acceptable pottery is still the emperor’s attention, in the intrigue of the palace, acceptable pottery such a aloof person is how a good death?In 1737, at the age of 65, Yuntao was appointed by Emperor Qianlong to be a member of the Association hall, and held a high position in the imperial court.According to the records of qing history, sixty-six years old acceptable to pottery because of old age, his actions become inconvenient, every day to worry about the next dynasty, Qianlong emperor will decree, allow him to sit every day up and down in the sedan chair, Qianlong will allow pottery listed as the first choice of people can take the sedan chair.Yuntao also made great efforts to contribute to the Qing Dynasty.Qianlong also trusted him.In 1751, Yuntao was saddened by the death of his only son, Hongkun.In order to comfort Acceptable tao, Qianlong told him not to grieve too much, Qianlong put his four sons love Sleep Luo Yongcheng.Adopted by adoptive way to acceptable pottery, enough to see Qianlong acceptable pottery fancy.Years have passed since Yuntao took over the clan during the reign of Emperor Yongzheng, and he is still in charge at the age of seventy.It was not until the age of seventy-two that he was expelled from the clan for health reasons.In 1763, Yuntao died of illness at the age of 78.After yuntao’s death, Qianlong gave him a posthumous title – Yi, which was the posthumous title of emperor Qianlong’s affirmation and praise of Yuntao.His virtues were worth learning from, and yuntao’s aloof character gave him a new world of his own.Born into an imperial family, Kangxi took good care of him, and although his elder brother Yongzheng initially downplayed him, his treatment was good compared to what happened to his other brothers, and at least saved his life.Qianlong was also very respectful to him, and although he did not reach the highest position in the Qing Dynasty, he did not fight for it.In the Qing Court peace of mind life, preserve the family property, allow pottery’s life is not too many twists and turns.So he really achieved his goal of staying aloof. He had no desires.Because he did not want anything, so his heart is very strong, yun Tao’s achievements are due to raise him su Ma La gu.When the nine sons take the children, acceptable pottery is a hand holding a heavy army of the prince, the ministers and brothers are very concerned about him.Acceptable pottery take a wrong step will attract a lot of enemies, will be into the hopeless situation.Influenced by Su Ma La gu since childhood, yun Tao chose to remain neutral in the face of the attractive throne.He was a very easy son for Kangxi.At the most critical moment, he chose to retreat bravely, away from the fierce battle for power.He seems to stand aloof from worldly affairs, but in fact he is a man of great wisdom. It requires great perseverance to do this.If history had gone backwards and Yuntao chose to fight and seize at the critical moment when his ninth son was to be crowned emperor, would Yongzheng have become emperor?History might have turned out differently.Of course, this is only an assumption. Time cannot be turned back and what has happened cannot be changed.Acceptable pottery proved with action, in the feudal ancient times, stand aloof from worldly affairs, can also achieve success, get at ease.