February 16 football sweep recommended, score score forecast!Two big champions League matches

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Atletico have won seven, drawn three and lost one at home this season, far better than on the road, but history does not always hold the balance against Levante.Levante have been unbeaten in the last three games against Atletico with one win and two draws, which shows that they have some experience and restraint in facing atletico.Atletico won by 1 goal at most in this match.1-1;2-1;Score 2-3 goals;Flat;Inter milan VS Liverpool 2/17 04:00 kick-off Inter milan have failed to score in their previous two Champions League meetings with Liverpool, and both were in the losing position, which has had a certain impact on the players’ morale, and inter’s recent form has not been stable, the recent Serie A performance has not been satisfactory.Inter league points temporarily second, with the first AC Milan gap of 1 point, the team part of the energy also have to put on the league, for the player’s physical strength and spirit or have a certain test.Recommendation: negative, 0-1;1-2;Score 2-3 goals;Flat to negative;Salzburg VS Bayern Munich 2/17 04:00 Bayern were beaten 4-2 at Bochum in the last round of the league and are sure to make some adjustments after a shaky defensive performance.And Bayern champions League games in the total number of goals are at least 3 goals, the offensive force is relatively strong.And bayern are at the top of the league, six points above second place, not under pressure, there is still a lot of space and energy to face the Champions League.Bayern is expected to win this game.Competition color recommendation: let negative;1-3;1-4;Score 3-4 goals;Two negative;Flat to negative