Liu Yifei, who has been on the show for 20 years, is more attractive than 15-year-old Bai Xiuzhu, and a new TV series is coming soon

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“Fairy sister” Liu Yifei has been a low-profile actress for 20 years, rarely promoting her works for others.This is not, to help friends to promote the film “Our Winter Olympics” weibo just sent out, instantly on the hot search, it seems that sister’s influence is not reduced then ah!Although Liu Yifei is very low-key, there are few gossip scandal, but people should do the same also declined.Endorsement of a brand watch, appearing on the cover of every major fashion magazine, the invitation of the big fashion show…Also with friends Zhang Liangying went to KTV Randy Randy, work life is two do not delay.Have to say That Liu Yifei and Zhang Liangying is absolutely true love, Liu Yifei for the first time is also the only time, for the circle of female stars do bridesmaids, is for Zhang Liangying.The two have known each other for 16 years, such a long time love is still so good, not true love is what?In recent years, although Liu Yifei is low-key, she can take the hand of, basically are high-quality resources, although “Mulan” paste, but can not deny the film itself or big production, big IP.Unfortunately, the movie was not well received in Korea.However, Liu Yifei’s upcoming drama Dream Hualu is attracting a lot of attention even before its release.In dream Hualu, xu Haiqiao’s character abandons his fiancee waiting in his hometown after high school.However, the fiancee did not wait for the man to change his mind, nor did she turn around to embrace others, but went to Beijing to seek justice for herself.Along the way saved by rich family childe consultation of good sister Lin Yun, and rescued the marriage life is not suitable, resulting in drowning suicide Liu Yan.3 sisters made it of small teahouse big wine shop in bianjing, during Liu Yifei and Chen Xiao personate the imperial city division deputy, produced a series of emotional disputes, the inspirational story of such an ancient woman.Story adapted from Guan Hanqing yuan drama “Zhao Paner fengyue save dust”, subject matter no problem, plus “Dream Hualu” selected actors appearance level, acting are not bad.That’s why Meng Hualu has become one of the most anticipated period dramas of 2022. It’s said to be released in March.When a lot of people said to leave the godfather Chen Jinfei Liu Yifei cool, now it seems that this is not established.But it has to be said that Liu Yifei’s fame is inseparable from the help of Chen Jinfei.At the age of 15, Chen jinfei changed her name liu Qian Meizi to Liu Yifei when she returned to China.Liu Yifei’s first role, is the “Golden Family” in the Bai Xiuzhu, Liu Yifei has gained a lot of attention.The next year, Liu yifei played Wang Yan in The Heavenly Dragon Eight Parts, hence the name “fairy sister”.Then came Zhao Linger in Chinese Paladin, Xiaolongnu in The Return of the Condor Heroes, the Forbidden Kingdom and so on. Liu Yifei was popular all the way.Chen Jinfei brings Liu Yifei, not only excellent film and television resources, but also very care for her in life.For Liu yifei’s 18-year-old bar mitzvah, Chen Jinfei spent 1.8 million yuan at Diaoyutai and arranged a grand banquet.However, after 2015, the relationship between them seemed estranged, and they were rarely seen in the same frame.Chen Jinfei has a girlfriend, Yang Caiyu, and the two have openly admitted their love affair, but now they are still together, there are signs of a break up.Liu Yifei has also had her first open boyfriend, South Korean actor SSH, who looks like a couple.They broke up in less than three years because of the difficulties they had to overcome in a foreign relationship.This is liu Yifei’s only a love exposure, relative to the various gossip of some flowerflowers now, Liu Yifei’s feelings are really very clean.She was even ridiculed by netizens as a “stubborn single person”, which was so funny!Liu Yifei although 35 years old, can still be so beautiful, even in the precipitation of time, now sister than she played bai Xiuzhu at the age of 15, but also temperament.Now Liu Yifei really like “Dream Hualu” described in that way: from time to time a woman, look unripe appearance.Liu Yifei is not only beautiful, but also very able to endure hardship, many times because of filming and injury, can not use a stunt double on their own.For mulan, she spent hours practicing for just one minute of action scenes.In order to perfect the role, she spent a year to prepare, serious to a little stubborn.This salty but sweet “fairy sister” has absolute strength, the outside world is just icing on the cake!In front of absolute strength, everything else is in vain, so Liu Yifei does not need to hype, gossip, as long as she does her own, will be invincible.Finally, I wish my sister happiness, can find Mr. Right as soon as possible, looking forward to the release of “Dream Hualu”.