Your Courier tested positive for COVID-19?New methods of customer service refund fraud have been caught

2022-05-22 0 By

Courier goods that test positive for COVID-19 will be destroyed?Fill in individual bank card information ability to get compensation?One recent day, Ms. Wang received a phone call claiming to be an express company.It said the novel Coronavirus test of Ms. Wang’s delivery had tested positive and would need to be destroyed.At the same time, the other party told Ms. Wang can carry out claims.Ms. Wang was so alarmed that she chose to refund the claim without hesitation. She scanned the QR code sent by the other party and downloaded a software, in which she filled in her bank card number, verification code and payment password.Wang realized she had been cheated when she received a text message from the bank and found that 49,000 yuan had been transferred from her bank card.Second case recently, Ms. Liu, got a call from the “express” in their own Courier was tested positie new crown, need the vehicle destruction and make adjustments, after carefully check the Courier number with each other and other relevant information, scan the qr code of the other party to provide and fill in your bank card number, the verification code, password, etc.Then, the other party asked Liu to download an APP. Liu completed the operation under the guidance of the other party and realized she had been cheated only to find that her bank account had received multiple online payments.This is a typical customer service refund fraud fraudsters in the name of the epidemic to put the new coronavirus on the scam scam is an endless stream of tricks so that we can not guard against the following anti-fraud tips please recite, write, hand in homework……Anti-fraud tips 1. When receiving a refund call, be sure to go to the official website for verification, through the official public way to verify the return and compensation matters to the e-commerce platform.2. Do not scan or click on qr codes or links from unknown sources.3. When shopping online, you need to raise your awareness of personal protection. Do not provide your personal information to anyone, including id card, bank card, payment password, SMS verification code and other private information.4. If funds in alipay, wechat account or bank card are transferred without reason, please change your password as soon as possible and dial 110 to report to the police.Fraud means are ever-changing but all changes do not leave its root the ultimate purpose is to make you transfer money we must improve personal awareness to guard against being cheated source: People’s Daily Online, Fangshan police online editor