Black futures generally turn red, local steel prices rose

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On January 25th, the domestic steel market rose steadily, and the factory price of Tangshan general billet was stable at 4480 yuan/ton.Less than a week from the Spring Festival, the spot market is particularly cold, merchants generally stable prices.Due to better market expectations after the holiday, a few areas are still in small price increases.On the 25th, the main stage screw opened low and went high, closing price 4722 up 0.21%, DIF and DEA tend to be parallel, RSI three line indicators in 57-68, in the Bolling belt between the middle rail and upper rail operation.Four domestic steel mills raised the ex-factory price of construction steel by 30-50 yuan per ton on July 25.Steel spot market construction steel: January 25, the 31 major cities of the country 20mm tertiary seismic rebar 4813 yuan/ton average price, compared with the last trading day up 5 yuan/ton.Most of the merchants have closed, the project is also more into the end stage, the overall depressed transaction.In the short term, the overall recent market continues to supply and demand double weak pattern, is expected to 26 domestic construction steel prices smooth transition.Hot rolled coil: On January 25th, the average price of 4.75mm hot rolled coil in 24 major cities across the country was 4910 yuan/ton, down 3 yuan/ton compared with the previous trading day.Spot market at present, most of the businesses have been on holiday, only part of the central state-owned enterprises on duty, the market as a whole without a transaction, part of the market small adjustment, the market transaction is very poor.Near the Spring Festival, most traders are mainly to finish the work, the market transport is temporarily blocked, some companies have closed the warehouse in advance, almost no transaction, the current hot rolled coil price is mainly stable, lack of rising power.Overall, is expected to 26 hot rolled coil price shock operation.Cold rolled coil: On January 25, the average price of 1.0mm cold coil in 24 major cities across the country was 5466 yuan/ton, down 1 yuan/ton compared with the previous trading day.The spot market has entered a state of unavailability.As the Winter Olympics approach, some steel mills have been affected by environmental protection policies and have issued production stop maintenance plans, which have a certain impact on the supply of market resources. In addition, the price of raw materials has risen, making the price of cold-rolled sheet rolls at a relatively high level.Overall, it is expected to be 26 days of domestic cold rolled coil prices or will run smoothly.Medium thick plate: On January 25, the average price of 20mm general plate in 24 major cities across the country was 5080 yuan/ton, up 7 yuan/ton compared with the last trading day.It is understood that affected by the approaching Spring Festival, logistics vehicles in many places, transport capacity decline, freight rise, at the same time, the market merchants have a holiday, transaction reduction, many places into the price without the state.Affected by the maintenance of some steel mills in North China, the market is expected to be better after the holiday, many places are still slightly up quotation;Quotation for other areas is based on stability.In summary, it is expected that domestic plate quotation before the short-term consolidation operation.Raw material spot market import ore: January 25, Tangshan area import ore market strong operation.As of press time, Tangshan area transaction price: Caofeidian PB powder 870 yuan/ton (morning), 883 yuan/ton transaction;Beijing Tang PB powder 880 yuan/ton transaction.Coke: January 25, the coke market temporarily stable operation.Shanxi Changzhi region today has a meeting of environmental protection departments, January 30 – March 13 during the Winter Olympics, the coking time of regional enterprises to extend to 72 hours of production limit policy impact;Individual coke enterprises two days after tomorrow, environmental protection control coking time will be extended to 72 hours, most of the coke enterprises have not received the Winter Olympics related production limit notice.This week, coke enterprises started to rise slightly, coke production increased, downstream steel procurement is still positive, coke overall inventory is also at a low level, shipping unimpeded.Winter Olympics approaching, each region steel production limit is expected to be strong, coke demand may decline, steel supply mood weakened.Coking coal prices continue to maintain high, coke cost pressure is still large, coke market is expected to continue to run in the short term, the late need to continue to pay attention to environmental protection policies, the Winter Olympics, raw material costs on the impact of coke prices.Scrap steel: On January 25th, the average price of scrap steel in 45 major markets nationwide was 3152 yuan/ton, which was 1 yuan/ton lower than the price of the previous trading day.To be specific, the number of steel scrap price adjustment today is small, most of them have issued a notice to stop receiving, scrap site is also synchronous holiday, the national scrap market has entered a stagnant period, showing a state of price without the city.To sum up, scrap prices are expected to run steadily in the short term.Steel market supply and demand with the New Year holiday, construction gradually stagnated, market transaction gradually stagnated;At present, there is not much room for trade negotiation, and agents are not purchasing much.Steel spot market is basically closed state, the overall price is stable.Disclaimer: Mysteel strives to ensure the accuracy of the information used and the objectivity and impartiality of the content and opinions expressed in the information, but does not warrant any necessary changes.The information provided by Mysteel is for customer’s decision making purposes only and does not constitute direct advice on Customer’s decision making. 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