Is Huawei’s Hongmeng system really good and why is it so popular?There are three reasons

2022-05-23 0 By

In recent years, if we say which brand is the most popular, many people may have different opinions, but if we say which brand can best represent the peak of domestic mobile phone, there is no doubt that it is Huawei.From the beginning of the research and development of haisi Kirin chip, people are amazed that domestic mobile phones have such a big drive, until now kirin 9000 is still a high praise rate of a processor in the market.And who also have never thought since 19 years announced HongMeng system, less than three years, last year officially implemented HongMeng system of large-scale business 2.0, become a quite popular domestic and even international mobile phone operating system, HongMeng system exactly how can gain charm so welcome, we might as well find out together.Now in the entire mobile phone market, apart from Apple’s IOS system, huawei’s Hongmeng system has the strongest system fluency and the highest security.Compared with the traditional Android system, it has better operating experience, more functions and more interesting gameplay, and has stronger security, so you don’t have to worry about security problems when using it.And compared with Apple’s IOS system, Huawei’s Hongmeng system is far more remote and more inclusive.The only problem is that the price is too high. Even huawei mate 40 Pro of the last two years costs nearly 5,000 yuan.In addition, the aesthetic design of Huawei Hongmeng system is first-class, and the system UI and interaction design are more smooth and silky.The design style is also gradually diversified, whether it is business people, youth groups, or middle-aged and elderly groups have suitable visual design.And unique innovative modular design, card operation mode, more concise and efficient.With powerful personalized design, everyone can DIY their own theme, desktop, shortcuts, operation experience.The last point is that Huawei has been building its own smart ecosystem in recent years. Huawei’s various software and hardware are more closely connected and bound. Hongmeng system makes Huawei’s laptops, tablets, mobile phones and various smart wearable devices more closely connected.The switching and connection of various platforms are more simple and efficient, and it really attracts many users with its excellent ecological mode.Huawei hongmeng system has achieved such achievements, naturally and its own strong strength is inseparable from the relationship, I believe that Huawei Hongmeng system can bring more surprises, the demon still has great expectations.