Taizhou Jiaojiang 1 couple sold 3.05 million yuan house 670,000 yuan and then went back and was fined 2.3 million yuan, lost!

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There are gains and losses in business. That’s normal.However, if the real estate and other large goods for a long-term agreement, then the amount of profit or loss, too large, will inevitably cause disputes.On March 30, 2022, The sixth edition of Taizhou Daily published a social news with the title: “A couple in Jiaojiang was ordered to pay more than 2.3 million Yuan for breaking the contract of their house sale”.Related news reports news, jiaojiang has a couple Song, 10 years ago to get two sets of resettlement houses, so keep a set, another set according to 672,800 yuan sold to Chen couple.The two sides agreed, after the contract was signed, Chen mou paid 572800 yuan, the remaining 100 thousand yuan and so on after the transfer of the house to pay again, no matter the price of the house in the future is up or down, the two sides shall not break the contract.Ten years later, the house was finally delivered, only to see the price rise to 3.05 million yuan, the news said.Song husband and wife quit, asked to sign a house sales contract with Chen husband and wife, otherwise Song husband and wife would rather terminate the contract, return the purchase.Chen mou husband and wife does not agree of course, Sue song mou husband and wife then court.Recently, the jiaojiang District people’s Court after hearing the verdict is as follows: the return has been delivered before the purchase, and breach of contract by 4 times compensation, song couples compensation 2377200 yuan to Chen couples.Song husband and wife against the verdict, filed an appeal, the court of second instance rejected the appeal after hearing, maintain the original judgment.According to the news in Taizhou Daily, the time span of more than 10 years is too long to imagine that housing prices would rise so sharply at the beginning.But a contract is a contract, and you can’t go back on what you’ve agreed.Once you renege, you have to pay compensation in accordance with the law.Song couple selfless, no spirit of contract, was fined a large sum of money, it is not worthy of sympathy.Network picture, the market economy is the rule of law economy can not play to depend on this news, Song husband and wife did not deal with well at the beginning, things do too absolutely.If they discuss modestly with Chen mou husband and wife, perhaps seek a lawyer to discuss beforehand, ask Chen Mou husband and wife to compensate appropriately point cost, perhaps both sides also can talk about a compromise plan.After all, a house of 670,000 yuan will earn more than 2.3 million yuan, so it is acceptable to give the other party some profit.However song husband and wife want to eat alone, ask Chen husband and wife to either re-sign the contract according to the current price, or cancel the contract to return the original money.This kind of advantage oneself take all, bad others bear the style, it is not like tone.Chen some husband and wife angry and Sue, completely reasonable.I wonder if people like Song and his wife can put themselves in other people’s shoes.If the house price drops sharply compared with 10 years ago, and even halves again, would song and his wife be willing to return their money?Trust them not to be so “stupid”.Play clever, treat the other side as “fool”, deserve to be punished.They suffered, they regretted, and they brought it on themselves.