The Top 4 Things that Waste Your Life!

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The biggest failure in one’s life is clinging to something useless for too long.Comparing yourself to others, kindness with low EMOTIONAL intelligence, meaningless regret, and endless complaining are the four most wasteful things in your life. Don’t do them.Comparing with others everywhere is the greatest regret in life.Comparing ourselves with superior people makes us feel inferior;Comparing us with the vulgar makes us vulgar;Comparison with servants makes us proud.External comparison is the source of our spiritual turmoil, but also makes most people lost themselves, masking their own mind original dense fragrance.A man was fishing by a river. He caught a great many fish, but he measured each one with his ruler.He threw any fish larger than a foot back into the river.Puzzled, the other fishermen asked, “Everyone else wants to catch big fish. Why are you the only one throwing them back into the river?”The man replied easily, “Because the pot in my house is only as long as a ruler. It is too big for fish.”It is also a good attitude to not let infinite desires grab your heart. “enough is enough”.Meisuxun snow three points white, but the snow lost a sweet mei.When people eat in an all-you-can-eat cafeteria, it’s a scary sight.It is also an important practice to take what you have enough for yourself and not to covet.Plum blossom do not envy the peony, the moon do not envy the sun.American writer Mark Twain said: Kindness is a universal language that can be felt by the blind and smelled by the deaf.But kindness with low EQ is a deformed voiceless language, and even normal people can’t feel it, even less charming at all.In the Ming Dynasty, Ma Zhongxi wrote an article called The Legend of the Wolf in Zhongshan in his Dongtian Anthology, which tells a story about “Mr. Dongguo and the Wolf”. Zhao Jianzi, a doctor of the State of Jin, led his followers to zhongshan to hunt and shot a Wolf.The Wolf was killed by an arrow and fled. He met A man named Dongguo leading a donkey with a bag of books on his back.The Wolf asked Mr. Dongguo for help, and Mr. Dongguo hid the Wolf in a pocket on the donkey’s back.When Zhao Jianzi asked, Mr. Dongguo lied to deceive him.When Zhao Jianzi and his men were far away, the Wolf asked to set him free.When the Wolf came out, he wanted to eat Mr. Dongguo.The Wolf and Mr. Dongguo circled around the donkey. Later they agreed to find someone to judge the matter. They asked the old tree and the old ox one after another.In the crisis fortunately came an old man with a wooden stick, Mr. Dongguo came forward for help.The old man accused the Wolf of being ungrateful. The Wolf argued that Mr. Dongguo had put him in a bag and put the books on him. The bag was deliberately fastened and the Wolf had dragged his time for a long time before he let him out.The old man said that it would be better to put the Wolf in the bag as before and let him see if it was tight. If it really made the Wolf suffer, he should eat Mr. Dongguo. The Wolf agreed.When the Wolf was put into the bag again, the old man scolded Mr. Dongguo for his stupidity and killed the Wolf with him.Ralph Waldo Emerson, American philosopher said: Your goodness must have some edge — or it will amount to nothing.Kindness is a treasure, but it needs to be illuminated with a high emotional intelligence.Only in this way, both parties will be happy, will be comfortable, will be comfortable to enjoy the good mood, whether giving or receiving, will flow from the tip of the heart warm stream.The world is such that kindness, enthusiasm and reaching out are not enough.What you need is emotionally intelligent kindness.One of the most useless emotions is meaningless regret, yet many people are addicted to it.Not only is it painful but it doesn’t make up for anything you didn’t do that you thought you shouldn’t have done or should have done.The important thing is that every time it comes, distance yourself from it, look at it and say, thank you for coming, this is over, there’s nothing I can do to make it up to you, my peace of mind at this moment is more important than anything else.I’ve seen people who can’t get out of relationships.They keep smoking, they drown their sorrows in alcohol, they lock themselves up, they refuse all social engagements.This can only show that the feelings, is true;But that doesn’t mean it’s repairable.The hardest thing in the world to recover is the heart.Especially in the relationship world, regret is the last thing you need.Regret can neither bring someone back, nor undo the wrong you’ve done.People who dwell on the past are cowardly, narrow-minded, petty, narrow-minded and short-sighted.The right approach is to acknowledge and accept the outcome and then focus on the future.Life throws up nine times out of ten, and those who are truly organized can take the best and the worst.We complain because we can’t put it down, we can’t see it through, and we can’t forget it.A couple who had been having trouble every day after their marriage ended up meeting Milton Erickson, the famous psychologist.Erikson listened to both sides’ constant complaining and said, “Is this the only reason you got married?”The couple were speechless.Complaining is like a cancer embedded in your body. It spreads faster and faster as your mood deepens. The only cure for it is to control your emotions and not let them take you by the nose.We often see some people when they are not what they want, the most common and easiest thing to do is to complain and whine, as if this will solve the problem and turn things around.The truth is, the problem is there and it won’t go away until it’s fixed. Complaining is a waste of time, missing the best time to fix it.What you need to do is to calm down, analyze the problem, and actively seek solutions or remedies.Don’t complain that you are being treated unfairly. There is a philosophy that says, “What is is right.” You are being treated for a context, condition, and reason.You can’t control others, but you can control yourself;You can’t control the weather, but you can change your mood.Taking control of your emotions and learning to be the master of them is the best way to stop complaining.Life is short, why bother?Inspirational positive energy