The winter Olympic champion was reviled as a traitor, and Lin hsiao-jun may have had to serve in the military for another reason

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Soon is the Winter Olympics, this is also let numerous netizens are very looking forward to the competition, and now the attention of short track speed skating naturalized player Lin Xiaojun, has been criticized as a traitor by The Korean media, and even the future will have to serve the military service in South Korea, then South Korea’s winter Olympics champion why choose to naturalize China?South Korea is known for its dirty tricks when it comes to short-track speed skating, especially when it comes to deliberately pushing and tripping competitors from other countries.For example, the coach of cui Minjing of the women’s team wanted Shen Shixi to cover for Cui during the match, but Shen refused and sent her to the hospital.Another short-track speed skater, Ahn Hyun-soo, also left Russia to win three gold MEDALS at the Sochi Winter Olympics.And Lin Hyo-jun in the South Korean team is also in hot water, before is also because of the “pants door” incident was banned by the South Korean Ice Federation for a year, and sentenced by the court, this life may not be the Winter Olympics.There were rumors that Hwang, who had his pants pulled down, often harassed female players, so Lim stripped his pants down to punish him.And what is Huang Daxian character, focus on short track speed skating fans should all know, big black ice says is his, pyeongchang Olympics Lin Xiaojun won the gold medal, and Huang Daxian only won a silver medal, so he in order to eliminate the strong competitors, buy notice crying everywhere that they were stripped pants, the degree of depression to take medicine to sleep, will Lin Xiaojun Sue to the court.Now Lin xiaojun naturalized in China, is also scolded by South Korean netizens.”Despicable traitor,” “Do not set foot on Korean soil again,” “Where there is no country, it is China.”In fact, it doesn’t matter to us whether Lim hyo-joon naturalized because he wanted to continue to compete or he naturalized because he liked China.It is not that there are no naturalized athletes in China, such as Gu Ailing of skiing and Zhu Yi of figure skating.And Lin Hyo-jun is indeed a strength, can be said to be South Korea short track speed skating the first person, such a winter Olympic champion to join us, that is equivalent to a tiger with wings added.He won’t be able to make it to the Olympics, but having another good athlete isn’t a bad thing.Then there is another problem. As we all know, South Korean men are required to serve in the military. Lim Hyo-jun was exempted from military service because he won the gold medal in the Pyeongchang Olympics, but he still had to work as an athlete for two years and ten months.In the future, Lim hyo-joon will have to resume his military service when he becomes a Korean citizen, and he will be exempted from military service only after he turns 38, according to Korean media.And Lin Xiaojun has not said to restore Korean citizenship, so Korean media is inexplicable confidence ah.What do you think of Lim Hyo-joon, a naturalized player?Do you think he will return to Korea in the future?Leave your thoughts in the comments section!