Embracing digital Economy, Jiangsu grows stronger and Bigger “Key Increment”

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In 2021, the GDP of Jiangsu province will exceed 11 trillion yuan, reaching 11.6 trillion yuan, an increase of 8.6%, and the total amount will reach one trillion yuan.The added value of the manufacturing sector accounted for 35.8% of the regional GDP, the highest proportion in China…Xu Kunlin, acting governor of Jiangsu Province, delivered a government work report (hereinafter referred to as the report) at the fifth session of the 13th Jiangsu Provincial People’s Congress recently, reviewing and summarizing the achievements of Jiangsu’s economic and social development in 2021 from six aspects, and giving a satisfactory answer to the people.At present, China’s economic development is facing the triple pressure of demand contraction, supply shock and weakening expectation not seen in many years, and the number of difficulties and challenges is unprecedented.As a major economic province in the east coast and the “ballast stone” of national economic development, Jiangsu shoulders the great responsibility of stabilizing the macro economy.How will Jiangsu “struggle” in 2022?According to the report, jiangsu’s main targets for economic and social development this year are as follows: increase GDP by at least 5.5%, general public budget revenue by around 4.5%, and total retail sales of consumer goods by around 6.5%.Per capita disposable income should basically keep pace with economic growth, and the CPI should rise by around 3 percent.1.2 million new urban jobs were created, and the surveyed urban unemployment rate was kept at around 5 percent.The added value of core digital economy industries accounted for about 10.5% of regional GDP.Foreign trade, import and export, and paid-in foreign investment remained stable and improved, and the proportion of manufacturing value added in regional GDP remained basically stable.Ecological and environmental quality continued to improve. Energy consumption and carbon dioxide emissions per unit of GDP were cut by around 3% and 4.4% respectively.Xu Kunlin said, do a good job in this year’s work, both to grasp the characteristics of the year, pay close attention to the implementation of the work, to ensure that the objectives and tasks as scheduled high quality completed;What’s more, we should anchor long-term goals, focus on the “six significant improvements” proposed by the 14th CPC Congress, pay attention to systematic planning, regular grasp and overall promotion, and ensure that modernization takes the lead.Xu kunlin stressed that we should adhere to and strengthen the overall leadership of the Party, adhere to the people-centered development thought, adhere to the word stability first seek progress in stability, adhere to high-quality development, adhere to overall planning and coordination.The report points out that in the New Year, to pursue high-quality development from a higher starting point, we need to focus on forward-looking and creative development, improve precision and precision, firmly implement the strategy of expanding domestic demand, and strive to maintain steady and sound economic development.Adhere to innovation as the primary driving force, accelerate the advancement of science and technology, self-reliance and self-improvement;Accelerate the development of digital economy, and constantly improve the level of industrial modernization and other ten aspects of work.What will we do in 2022?The report calls for in-depth implementation of the strategy of innovation-driven development and the pooling of strength to climb to the “peak” of innovation.We will fight the battle for key and core technologies.Play to the special financial capital leverage leading role, focusing on advanced materials, high-end chip, software industry, biological medicine, biological breeding needs to break through the fields, all-round research “JieBang 1” key projects, as a whole pays special attention to the 180 key core technology research and development and the major transformation of scientific and technological achievements project, to organize the implementation of frontier major basic research program,We will carry out 100 key basic research projects, promote the integration of basic research, applied research and industrialization, and strive to break bottlenecks.Actively strive for national laboratory, key laboratory, such as “we” platform, strive for more national large scientific device layout in jiangsu province, to speed up the purple mountain laboratories, gusu laboratory, the laboratory construction in taihu lake, the policy of “talent research zone” province laboratory, in strengthening national strategic technology reveal jiangsu bear force, etc.A “strong” digital economy “should persist in making the digital economy stronger, better and bigger as the key increment of Jiangsu’s transformation and development.”The report makes it clear that digital industrialization and industry digitalization should be actively promoted.We will strive to create a new platform for innovative development of the digital economy in China.We will take intelligent transformation and digital transformation (” intelligent transformation and digital transformation “) as an important starting point, speed up the development of industrial equipment and business systems on cloud and platform, foster a number of intelligent manufacturing demonstration factories, industrial Internet platform and “Internet + Advanced manufacturing” characteristic base, and actively create national “5G+ Industrial Internet” integrated application pilot zone.We will promote the establishment of cross-platform industrial Internet networks at the national level.We supported over 5,000 listed industrial enterprises in upgrading their intelligence and digital resources.We will encourage excellent foreign-funded enterprises, private enterprises and large platforms to export their “smart brains” and encourage small and medium-sized enterprises to carry out “intellectual transformation and digital transformation”.Focusing on 16 advanced manufacturing clusters, we will continue to implement the action plan of “strengthening industrial chains” and “Piloting 100 enterprises and upgrading 1,000 Enterprises”.It is also one of the key tasks of Jiangsu province in 2022 to adhere to the synergy of pollution reduction and carbon reduction.The report pointed out that the implementation of the “dual carbon” task should be taken as the lead to promote the comprehensive green transformation of economic and social development, and achieve carbon peak and carbon neutral work in a coordinated and orderly manner.We will formulate an action plan to peak carbon emissions, implement fiscal policies linked to the effectiveness of reducing pollution and carbon emissions, implement the dual carbon target in a steady and orderly manner, and prevent “carbon rush” and “campaign” carbon reduction.We will promote the development of renewable energy such as wind power and photovoltaic power generation and clean energy such as hydrogen and nuclear energy. We will make clean and efficient use of coal and reduce coal power consumption and emissions. We will increase our capacity to absorb new energy and improve the mix of coal and new energy.We will create conditions for an early shift from dual controls on energy consumption to dual controls on total carbon emissions and carbon intensity.We will vigorously foster green and low-carbon industries, strengthen research and demonstration of green and low-carbon technologies, speed up the construction of national green industry demonstration bases, and increase the “green content” and “gold content” of industrial development.”While seeing the achievements, we are also soberly aware that the difficulties and challenges facing the economic and social development of our province have increased significantly.Epidemic prevention and control situation is still grim, the market demand is still weak, some industries, especially the rise of micro, small and medium enterprises is still difficult, stable industry chain supply chain under high pressure, many key areas’ their ‘problems still outstanding, independent control of modern industry system foundation is not solid enough, education, health care, pension, brood, and other areas of the livelihood of the people still have a lot of short board,Risks and hidden dangers in some areas cannot be ignored.”Xu Kunlin stressed.(Source: China Industry News)