Enterprise custom version of iPhone13 4750?Net friend: return not equal to buy black solution machine, cheap return depend on spectrum!

2022-05-24 0 By

Today the net friend saw an iPhone13, sent to the group want to let everyone reference.Results we feel not cost-effective, although the machine is known as a new machine, but the price is too expensive, and is the American version of the enterprise custom machine, there is configuration lock.According to the seller’s description, the iPhone13 has a “lockless configuration lock” and the configuration lock has been removed.But is this really the case?We can use the serial number of the machine to query the configuration lock of the machine, to see whether the machine has configuration lock.As you can see, this iPhone13 still has a configuration lock, and the configuration lock shows that there is a lock.As you can see, the merchant did not remove the configuration lock, but bypassed it.An iPhone with a configuration lock, also known as an enterprise custom machine, is an iPhone customized by an enterprise to Apple inc., which can restrict or hide certain functions.Activation also requires enterprise information to activate.If it is still in the regulatory period, companies can lock the iPhone at any time, rendering it unusable.While these phones are cheap, they’re not worth it, especially for the new iPhone, which is mostly under the company’s watchful eye and turns over at a moment’s notice.The key price is the price of an ordinary US version, not the price of the US enterprise version, the US version without a lock is less than 5000.The American version with the lock is a little over 4,000.If you want to buy this kind of enterprise machine, it is better to buy the American version of the lock black machine, after all, the price is cheap, black solution can be free to change the card, upgrade, not afraid of being locked.Really not, you can also choose the line of second-hand iPhone13, the price is about the same, but also more than a double card, warranty.As the enterprise custom machine is less, so the probability of encounter is very small.There are also many businesses do not understand what is going on.If you buy a brand new machine, it is best to go to the formal licensing platform to buy, because custom machine not only has the American version, but also the National line.Not only a second phone, but a brand new one.It’s a small chance, but we can’t take it lightly.