Nearly five hundred years later, a perfect presentation of the gu Su Ya set across the ancient and modern

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The poetry of jiangnan is hidden in the garden.A small side of heaven and earth, hidden in the depths of prosperity, but like a paradise.Perhaps because of this, the world has a “hidden in the market” saying.In these large and small gardens, flowers, trees, grass and stones are full of literati’s feelings and yearning.On February 13, 2022, by the shangjinqiao bridge outside the gate of Chang district in Gusu, the Lantern Festival garden opened in a tender manner. This move is also the return of The Garden to Gusu after nearly 500 years.Every time look back on history are all a hotchpotch of extraordinary zizhi garden was built in the Ming dynasty jiajing period, according to the Ming dynasty writer, calligrapher wang 穉 deng made the recorded in zizhi, park ji, “at the beginning of the garden was built, the article seeks to cloth, QiuShi father of algal painting”, is rare in the history of suzhou, by the hands of two master sample of garden design.However, due to the late Ming dynasty turmoil, vicissitudes of life changes, only 99 years of existence.At the beginning of the New Year, China trade center (suzhou) suzhou bureau of parks and woods hand in hand the original ZhanYongWei general Sir, suzhou gardens design institute director zhang wei people such as contemporary garden master design thus zizhi, garden, and name this spring, with green germination of angry, wake the refined taste for many years, also in this beautiful season, history of dialogue.As night falls, the Lantern Festival party in Zizhi Garden officially begins.Unlike the hustle and bustle of the modern city outside, time in the garden is slowed by the quiet radiance of the lights.The guests were sitting in one room, enjoying lanterns and guessing riddles. The children were playing endlessly and the melodious Kunqu Opera was playing slowly…Thousands of bright lights, every frame is mountains and rivers into the painting, as if into the years, into the history, but also back to the five hundred years ago zizhi Garden.At the end of the song, the elegance of Suzhou is narrated by the beautiful pingtan, which overlapped time and space. It not only reminisces about the past, but also describes the yearning for the future, presenting a festive feast full of fun and interest.Every creative idea of life is a romantic presentation. Like the Soviet style life for nearly a thousand years, it belongs to the romance of gardens and is an indispensable episode in time.On this night that will be engraved in the history of Zizhi Garden, a Yuanxiao garden party will bring The Garden back to the schedule of suzhou people’s life. Even if it is just a sunny morning or an evening with a gentle breeze, you will know how beautiful spring is and how happy it is at four hours.Happy laughter falls between the rocks, and brisk pace falls among the greens.Here, and the blooming crape myrtle became friends, and the passing swallow became friends, the garden is not only about life, but also in the nature, looking for their own feelings.In the future, the owners of famous gardens will enjoy this garden.The distance between heart and heart is reduced by time and space, because of the melodious night breeze and exquisite music in the garden, in this green and prosperous center, it belongs to the attitude of life of Huamao Center (Suzhou).