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The stock market is a place where it’s very difficult for individual investors to succeed in terms of stages of success, in terms of success with greater risk.Is trading difficult?It is very difficult.People who lose money will tell you how hard it is.But there were plenty of other people who didn’t care, and his disdain was justified, because he was making money, and probably a lot of it.How many times or how long it has been profitable are included in this column.There must be plenty of them out there.We must understand that trading is actually a place where success, or at least a sense of success, is easy.Did you make any money when you first started in the stock market?Even if you don’t know whether it’s Maotai or Maotai, you can make a lot of money from it.Fame and wealth in the transaction, in fact, can be quickly reflected, even in your own are very ignorant of the time, good luck mixed with gold coins fall from the sky, your vanity and the so-called status of the very high very high.You can enter a firm offer contest and win a title;You can write and publish your ideas in the media all year round.You can also speak out, such as killing a dead bull, and never admit your mistake, so as to become a famous mouth;Can also be obsessed with not regret, for different qualified traders market is “each flower into each eye”, only do not understand the technical analysis of the trader is “each flower into the eye” full of faint.Markets rise and fall, and as long as they persist, they will be right some of the time, even half the time.So when it’s right, it’s their level, and when it’s not right, it’s just the main washing-up or being unreasonable.Technical traders generally have such a puzzle: the more do trading prices more do not understand…….MACD is one of the most classic technical indicators in all technical indicators!Learn to use this index, through combination, K line (daily line, weekly line), stock trend, market trend, trading volume, good news, basically can achieve better trading results.Among all the indicators, MACD is one of the few indicators that can be independently evaluated.Compared with other indicators, MACD is a trend indicator!Generally speaking, it is more stable and can filter general useless signals, leaving the most true and purest gold fork signal at the same time can automatically define the trend of stock price more or less, to avoid the risk of reverse operation.The general evaluation criteria of MACD index mainly focus on the fast and slow averages as well as red and green bars (MACD bars) and their forms.The general analysis method mainly includes DIF and DEA and their position, the intersection of DIF and DEA, the contraction of red column and the shape of MACD graph.The cross signal produced by MACD index is relatively slow, but it is better to use it as a strategy to formulate corresponding trading strategies.Indicator description :(1) when MACD changes from negative to positive, it is a gold cross.Is a buy signal;(2) When MACD changes from positive to negative, it is a dead cross, which is a sell signal;(3) When MACD changes at a large Angle, it indicates that the gap between the fast moving average and the slow moving average widens rapidly, representing a shift in the general trend of the market.Among technical indicators, the MACD can be described as a creation of genius.Unfortunately, in use, there are many misunderstandings.To summarize several formula, as follows: the elements of MACD mantra: “one center, two basic points, the four cardinal principles” a center: to 0 axis as the center, two basic points: top deviation and bottom from the four cardinal principles: buying, selling, risk points, stop, speed line running above the 0 axis as the bull market;Running below the zero axis is the bear market.Trading according to technical indicators is to stand on the side of the high probability.Long market: probability of making money big bear market: probability of losing money Two basic points: MACD indicator must master two classic usage: to catch the bottom of the bottom divergence, to escape the top of the top divergence.MACD advanced skills: top and bottom deviation first look at the top deviation and bottom deviation meaning: 1.A floor divergence occurs when a share price makes a new low while the two lines of the related MACD fail to make a new low at the same time. This is an entry signal.When a base divergence occurs, aggressive investors can build positions in batches.To be on the safe side, prudent investors should wait patiently for prices to recover before jumping in.A top divergence occurs when a stock price makes a new high but the two lines of the related MACD do not make a new high at the same time, which is an out signal.The selling point of a top divergence is harder to grasp, because sometimes a top divergence is followed by a fall in the share price;Other times, it takes two or three top diverges before the price starts to fall.Investors can reduce their positions in batches at each top deviation, and then close out the positions when the prices stagflation or decline is detected.Behind the hill there are mountains, mountains behind the hill “small” refers to the pile of red and green column, shrinking head and feet refers to the length of red and green column.1. “small” as shown in the figure: when the stock price is higher and higher again, instead of the red column pile, the pile of smaller than the pile of red bar has produced the MACD top divergence phenomenon, should be sold in time;When the stock price is lower than a time, but a pile of green column pile than a pile of small proof produced a bottom deviation, at this time choose to enter the market.Buy in the green pile hours, each stick is shorter than the one bought, that is, when the foot is shrunk.When the red pile hours, a shorter than a red column, called the head out.The “big” and “small” here refer to the big green bar, small green bar, and big red bar, small red bar in MACD.During operation, the white and yellow curves DIF and MACD in the graph are generally ignored, and we only pay attention to the changes of the red and green bars.Operation method: 1. First look at the 20 day line, is not warped, as above warped excellent such as 2.Look at 30 minutes of short line fighting, 60 minutes can take a fancy to the long line.The only reason to trade is because it is a good opportunity, not because of emotion.True traders are mostly conservative in their operations, knowing that they don’t seize every opportunity they get.The only thing that is not lacking in the market is the opportunity. Only those who are good at discriminating are likely to enter a higher realm without being in a hurry.Investing is the opposite. Take advantage of market sentiment!Investing is essentially a contrarian activity, buying low and selling high.The way to survive in the stock market is to take advantage of the time of day, the four hours of trading, and most of the time the price of the market is not worth paying attention to except at the two poles of the pendulum when we really need to pay attention to it.These poles are the poles of greed and fear, the poles of bull and bear markets.We focus on the extreme and study and work as much as possible the rest of the time.We must take advantage of the great cycle of opportunity, this is the ideal time to increase your wealth.