Under the distributed prosperity of the whole county, where is the outlet for small and medium-sized enterprises?

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In 2021, by carbon peak, carbon neutralization target traction, “the county to promote” large-scale development, energy consumption double control policy and other factors, distributed photovoltaic re-entered the high-speed growth channel.According to data released by the National Energy Administration, distributed pv will increase by about 29 million kw in 2021, accounting for about 55% of all newly installed pv power generation, breaking 50% for the first time in history and increasing by 87% year-on-year.In 2022, the prosperity of the distributed market and the expectation of good worries led to the accelerated expansion of distributed photovoltaic, in addition to the traditional main force of private enterprises distributed photovoltaic, central state-owned enterprises all out, cross-border investors entered, intent to eat the whole county distributed this big cake.And 2022, as the landing of the “whole county pilot” critical period, is a year for all enterprises to show their strength, the industry is expected to increase the scale of distributed photovoltaic will reach 60GW.Behind the full release of optimistic signals, there are still some uncertainties in the high-speed growth of domestic distributed photovoltaic.Trina solar distributed zhang bing, President, vice President, TRW wisdom in TRW wisdom distributed channels 2022 national summit, said: “the grid given capacity lags behind, the contradiction between supply and demand of industrial chain stage, inverter chip shortage and industry disorderly competition, etc., to the sustainable development of distributed photovoltaic brought a great challenge.”Especially grid given lagging problem has become the main obstacle affecting the development of distributed photovoltaic, in some areas, the regional load characteristic and photovoltaic, wind power and other new energy output characteristics found in large Numbers does not match the situation, once into the batch distributed photovoltaic access, inevitably lead to a difficult given “power brownouts discard” situation.During this year’s Spring Festival, the grid in a province was unable to meet the full consumption of photovoltaic households.Although a short period of “abandon light and power limit” behavior will not shake the basic plate of household photovoltaic development market.But according to this trend, once the household pv reaches a certain penetration rate in the grid, it will have to participate in local scheduling, other long holidays, small holidays, and even weekends will be affected, and the household PV investment will have to consider the loss of income brought by “abandoning light and limiting power”.More importantly, market prosperity under the “players” to gather the primary problem is the competition is intense, many in the industry, said in the capital, the roof has entered the race for the state of “hand-to-hand combat”, individual industrial and commercial even attracted seven or eight photovoltaic roof developers bid at the same time, the price discount from the discount to 7 fold, even of a deep understanding of the industry on the roof of the owner,The lowest price of electricity is often chosen, regardless of the optimal design and engineering quality.This kind of disorderly competition not only makes participating enterprises miserable, but also is not conducive to the long-term and stable development of the industry.How do smes break the ice?Under the policy of promoting the whole county, the distributed photovoltaic market also shows a centralized trend, resources are being concentrated in the central state-owned enterprises with strong financial strength and the head of photovoltaic development enterprises, and the lack of financial strength of “small and medium-sized players” has been difficult to have market space.”It looks like the market is bigger, but it’s actually smaller.”At the end of 2021, Polaris Solar Photovoltaic network held the first photovoltaic building integration innovation Forum, Zhang Xiaobin, executive vice President of Shandong Solar Industry Association, summed up the future distributed photovoltaic market trend.According to a central enterprise project operation person in charge of introduction, at present the whole county development fund is mainly paid by investors, one county one enterprise, huge investment capital has become the natural advantage of central state-owned enterprises.The head of private enterprises on the one hand can rely on their own brand appeal and central state-owned enterprises financing strength to seize the whole county resources, on the other hand, its advantages in the distributed field, products, technology, channels, experience, and these just involved in the distributed market of central state-owned enterprises to form complementary.Zhang Rongmin, vice president of Trina Solar Intelligent Distribution, once analyzed the positioning of central state-owned enterprises and private enterprises in the promotion of the whole county. He believed that “Central enterprises have an innate advantage in driving government reform or coordinating and co-existing with the government because they know clearly what the government wants to do.However, private enterprises have rich experience in distributed project investment and construction as well as the solution capability based on experience. They can provide good product solutions, good digital management platform, and long-term effective and safe operation and after-sales service system. Therefore, the two sides are complementary and symbiotic.”The public information of the National Energy Administration also confirms this point. In 2021, the total recorded capacity of 46.23 million kw will be promoted in the pilot counties of rooftop distributed pv. Among the reported project development subjects, the cooperative investment and development mode of central enterprises, local state-owned enterprises and private enterprises accounted for more than 60%.However, in this pattern, small and medium-sized private enterprises, such as traders and distributors, who used to be familiar with local areas, will gradually be marginalized, especially for some small brands or miscellaneous dealers, whose survival is simply low prices.But since last year, the price of raw materials rises, the cost is increasing day by day, the profit is lower and lower, in the case of the price difference is not big, the user’s choice tendency is needless to say, waiting for its outcome is necessarily eliminated by the market.Obviously, in the increasingly cruel market competition, the traditional small and medium-sized photovoltaic distributors want not to be abandoned, and big brand alliance is undoubtedly the best solution.In brand selection, we should not only focus on high popularity and influence, but also choose high value-added brands from multiple dimensions such as continuous new product output, strong product manufacturing, stable supply capacity and intelligent management.Take TRW as an example. As a leading brand in the distributed field, TRW’s support and empowerment to dealers are the envy of dealers of other brands, which benefits from TRW’s three major strategies and long-term planning and all-round guarantee of digitization, innovation and evolution, connection and symbiosis.First of all, TRW’s all-round empowerment of dealers is by no means an empty talk, especially in the current dual transformation period of digital transformation and distributed marketing pattern. If there is no transformation, it will be gradually eliminated by the historical process.Therefore TRW will steadily push forward the digital system as a core strategic position, in addition to invests millions of a huge sum of money to build the leading digital ecosystem, through digital system connection are also committed to dealers, users, and the general partners, promote the general dealers using digital tools, as well as the standardization of digital processes and services, improve dealer management ability.”Through digital upgrade in 2021, TRW will achieve the same progress from users to distributors, from marketing to internal operation, which is also an important reason for our development to the next level.”Zhang Bing stressed on the 2022 National Channel Summit, and urged distributors and partners to continue to forge ahead with the same frequency and deepen digital transformation.Secondly, TRW’s “fan” among dealers is also reflected in the continuous “innovation and evolution” of products, scenes and modes, so that dealers and partners can constantly feel the sense of surprise brought by “innovation and iteration”.For example, in terms of products and scenes, a new generation of photovoltaic products with high power and large size has just emerged. Trina Synchronous timely launched the seventh generation of original photovoltaic system “Electric Diamond” with 210mm batteries and multi-main grid technology;As the BIPV market is on the rise, TRW quickly launched the BIPV solution to meet the needs of enterprises and industrial and commercial roof scenarios. Together with dealers and partners, TRW has arranged the blue Ocean integrated building pv industry first.TRW is also innovating in its business model and financial services.Matters in financial services, in addition to adjust measures to local conditions to launch contracts and purchasing, treasure, societe generale, photovoltaic products, such as loan to provide diversified, safe and reliable for photovoltaic owner low-interest credit financial support, through the channels of credit also help the dealers to solve financing problems, solve the restricted dealers business, handicap in the process of development.In addition, TRW is working with distributors and partners to build a new photovoltaic ecosystem of connection, sharing, collaboration and symbiosis.Ecology takes the user as the core, and connects the operation of each bottom module in the platform. It not only covers the whole cycle of distributed photovoltaic project construction from investment to construction, from delivery to revenue, but also brings all the upstream and downstream partners of the whole industrial chain, such as distributors, suppliers and financial institutions, into the ecology.The connected photovoltaic new ecological symbiosis, created including manufacturers, distributors, financial institutions, such as the barriers between the partners, to make real benefit community, make everybody will open to outside its own resources, to become the ecological chain all parties can use the “public resources”, and form a complementary ability, pave the way for further development.At present, some brands in the industry are very high-profile in the early stage of investment promotion, but after dealers sign contracts, due to their own business sales system is not perfect, often resulting in a lack of momentum, timely supply, technical after-sales support is not in place and other situations, causing losses and risks to dealers’ business development.Especially in the “whole county to promote” background, distributed photovoltaic entered the second half, only with the big brand symbiosis, win-win, in order to better participate in the county distributed development of the tide of The Times.Source: Polaris Solar Pv Network (exclusive), by Sang Sang, reproduced with citation required