What is the forgetting curve?How to effectively improve children’s academic performance?There are two aspects to understand

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There is less than a month to go, the school will continue to open, and now is a New Year, the beginning of the new semester, very important for children.So today we are going to talk about how to continuously improve children’s academic performance?On this issue, I want to look at it from two aspects with you. One is method. How to find the most efficient method?Get your child’s grades up from 60 or 70 to 80 or 90.What is the first and second good method?There are great, practical guides to keep you company and keep your child’s grades up.What methods, in fact, is a platitude, but the key link we grasp, the effect will be very good.That is, before the child in class to guide the child to do a good job of preparation, but the preparation does not take too long, that is, about twenty minutes, let the child through preparation, understand that today’s class I may have to listen to this knowledge point, I will not achieve such a goal.After the preview, the children do not know much about him in class, he can not master this point, he must listen carefully, so that he can master almost.The second step, the third step down the review is not immediately write homework, but return to the textbook.The new college entrance examination clearly stipulates that the basic knowledge is 60 points from the textbook, so return to the textbook, the most basic knowledge to him tamp solid.This score is the key to our future college entrance examination.So after class, tell the children to return to the textbook, the knowledge points you learn in class, through the textbook further refinement, implementation, sorting out, consolidate the knowledge first.What’s the fourth step?Homework is working, and you’ll have a much smoother time doing your homework.Because you have gone through the preview, pay attention to the class, especially back to the textbook knowledge points have been implemented, then this homework is a test and consolidation.The fifth step is also very key, but also a lot of people ignore, that is, when there is a mistake in the homework, we must not ignore the error correction link.A lot of people also know to use the wrong question book when writing homework, and then put the wrong question.Take a look, basic meeting, pick out to put this wrong question among finish thing.You can not achieve the purpose, but through this correction, correction immediately after the wrong where, why wrong sorted out, really understand, do it, and then sorted it out to the wrong topic.What is this based on?According to the famous forgetting curve.It’s what you learned that day, and if you solidify it, you’ll have a better memory.The forgetting curve, discovered by The German psychologist H.Ebbinghaus, describes how the human brain forgets new things.It is an intuitive description of the gradual forgetting of new things by human brain. People can master the forgetting rules from the forgetting curve and make use of them, so as to improve their memory ability.This curve has a great impact on the study of human memory cognition.If you correct mistakes in this place this link is more confused, in fact, you still can’t, that wrong is always wrong, this will become your study on the biggest pit.So error correction this link must understand the premise of the basis, and then summed up to the error of this closed-loop.Preview, pay attention to listen in class, return to textbooks, teaching materials, carefully read, write homework correction.If you are a wise parent, you must know and monitor your child’s implementation.If you stick with it, your child’s academic performance will improve 100 percent.Then there is a method, we should also have a guide book in hand, this is the second aspect of improving children’s academic performance, this is I strongly recommend to you “Tsinghua and Peking University outstanding student notes”.This is absolutely not a simple child’s study notes, but these admitted to Peking University, Tsinghua children, their experience in learning, methods, including how to put my weak grades up, how to do a good study plan?How to adjust their emotions and so on, very, very useful, this should become our children’s desk must use books.Then the goal-led approach gives us that our children’s academic performance will really gradually move towards a benign development track.Say children are in the process of study so, you hope the child can have a good result, must have method already in that way, and want to have very good study instruction, ability achieves a goal with book union.Hope this article is helpful to you, let us pay high attention to the education of children, let us learn together, grow together.