I do practical things for the masses! Fu Ping street Spring Festival sympathy send care deep visit warm people’s hearts

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Condolences to the workers in need.Condolences to the workers in need.Condolences to the workers in need.Massachusetts moment changde January 28 – (correspondent ZhuZhiMin) 2022 Spring Festival will come, to carry out the development concept of “people centered”, Jan. 27, chang DE city ping street working committee secretary, the wuling district office director came to hard worker in the home, on holiday wishes and greetings to them, let them feel warm in the winter.Visit in condolence, street party working committee secretary, director and difficult workers and their families, cordial conversation, detailed understanding of their physical conditions and family conditions, patiently answer social security policies, encourage them to be positive and optimistic, brave to face life difficulties.Everywhere I went, though a few simple words of sympathy and concern, they moved the workers who were in difficulties, made them feel the warmth of the organization, and enhanced their courage and confidence to overcome difficulties.All the time, Fuping Street attaches great importance to the living conditions of the families of the workers in need, insists on doing practical things and sending warmth to the important position, so as to achieve the effect of “sympathy, warmth and drive one”, and send the care and love of the organization to the hearts of the workers and their families in need.