New owners of old houses in Shangwei Village, Shenzhen, leave their doors unlocked

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This article was transferred from;Shenzhen, Feb. 6 (XinhuaTitle: Idle old house usher in unlocked door “new master” — Shenzhen Shangweicun see and hear Xinhua News Agency reporter Zhou Ke, Liang Xu like magic brush point, Shangweicun changed.During the Spring Festival, reporters into Shenzhen Longhua District View lake street Shangwei village to see, once blocked by garbage village is a new look.Among the white walls with green tiles, Bridges and water, brightly colored paintings, ceramics and sculptures can be seen everywhere. Artists’ studios, museums and exhibition halls are dotted with red lanterns and oil-paper umbrellas. The tranquil village life is accompanied by a strong artistic atmosphere.Tourists visit Shangwei Village in Shanghai, east China, Feb. 6, 2019.This is an old Hakka village with a history of more than 400 years, located in the upper reaches of the Zhangkengjing River, surrounded by mountains on three sides and located at the foot of the mountain like a basin, so it was named Shangwei Village.Before, Shangweicun is not like this.In the 1990s, During the industrial transformation, Shangweicun introduced many “three to one supplement” enterprises and invested to build shangwei industrial park.As businesses and residents grow, sewage flows into rivers and garbage piles up, posing dangers.”Many villagers left their old houses and moved away.”Villager Fang Jingqing said.Since 2017, artists and designers from all over the world have come to Shangweicun through government support.Chen Rongge was one of the first designers to come to Shangweicun, where he makes custom-made products.”There was a park behind my studio. It was a dump at first, which was very frustrating.”He said.Now, pieces of scrap metal hide from the garbage are turned into exquisite utensils in his hands, and many tourists visit his studio when they come here.Photo taken on Feb. 6, 2019 shows a quiet path in Shangwei Village, East China’s Jiangsu Province.Compared with Chen Rongge, Wang Lijun is a “inadvertently inserted willow” painter.In 2019, Wang Lijun, who came to Shangwei Village for a walk, found it very beautiful and moved in directly.He found a house in the village with a courtyard and used an abandoned ping-pong table as a place to draw.He also used his baby name, Maiping, to set up a studio here.Now, in the fast-paced Shenzhen Special Economic Zone, Shangweicun is a quiet place of “slow life”.Come is the guest, drink a cup of good tea, collision thought, here “new host” each other to become a new neighbor, they will also take visitors into the “spring water blue in the sky, painting boats listening to rain sleep” poetic scene.”I usually paint for others, but in my spare time I go to my neighbor’s house and don’t lock the door when we go out.But artists here don’t just work in seclusion.””We wanted to make it better,” Mr. Wang said.Chen Chuanpei, a graffiti artist, painted the walls of the village.”I’m working on some village revitalization projects, and I got a lot of inspiration from my experience in Shangweicun. Not only does it have the atmosphere created by artists, but it also has complete supporting facilities made by the government.””Many villages are facing the problem of emigration and dilapidated ancestral homes,” he said. “I want to preserve the local culture and show it to the world again.”Up to now, Shangweicun has introduced nearly 100 cultural and artistic talents, such as oil painting, Traditional Chinese painting, wood carving, seal cutting, pottery, photography and design, and 43 cultural and creative institutions (studios).Shangwei village has been spruced up by artists.(Photo provided by interviewees) Today, many old houses have been brought back to life by artists.With Zhangkeng Jing River as the main line, connecting the century-old Hakka diaolou, ancestral temple, leisure square, Kowloon Wall, half moon Lake and other elements distributed on both sides of the water system, a unique Hakka culture belt is accelerating in Shangwei Village.