Nurse Feng Cui: That’s what I should do

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Help patients change clothes, wipe their bodies…Work 5 years of her harvest a lot of praise January 27 at 9 in the morning, the reporter saw the feng Cui that just finished the night shift, her whole person does not have how much tiredness, look completely unlike a person that just finished the night shift, the reporter feels surprised at the same time, also in the heart silently put up a thumb for her.In the subsequent communication, the reporter gradually understood the reason why she was not tired — the nurse occupation gave her infinite power…Feng Cui is a nurse in the Neurology department of the First People’s Hospital of Xianyang city. Feng Cui was listed on the list of good people in Xianyang. After knowing her story, you will think that she deserves it.Feng cui graduated from the school in 2016.In 2017, she started to work in Xianyang First People’s Hospital. This year is her fifth year as a nurse. During these five years, Feng Cui believes that to be an excellent nurse, she should be responsible, careful and patient, and she has been practicing this concept with actions.Feng Cuigang work that time, also experienced a short period of psychological gap, but she quickly adjusted.”When I was at school, I thought a nurse wore a clean nurse’s uniform to give injections and change dressing for patients,” Feng said.After working, she found that nurses had to do almost everything except seeing patients, “from going through procedures for patients to cleaning up excrement for patients,” Feng said.As a result, her nursing uniform will not be clean, blood stains, excrement and so on May appear on her nursing uniform.”I didn’t adapt to it at the beginning, but when I got used to it, I didn’t feel like anything. I carefully arranged the patient’s comfort, reassured the family and reassured us,” Said Feng Cui.One day in April 2021, Feng was on the night shift. “Usually the night shift is between 17 and 22, but around 19 that day, I met an old man when I was on the ward tour. I didn’t know he didn’t accompany anyone until I asked him about it, so I was going to buy dinner myself,” Feng said.Feng Cui told uncle can’t go to buy rice, but uncle insisted on going, Feng Cui take uncle no way, asked the doctor whether uncle can go to buy rice alone, “because the patient is more concerned about the doctor’s advice, I asked a trip in the past, the doctor did not let him go” Feng Cui said.Later, Feng Cui ordered a takeout for the uncle, because the uncle can not eat too greasy, Feng Cui specially bought porridge and other light food for the uncle, “I did not think much, thinking that if the uncle does not eat, how to do worse, I bought some light food for him,” Feng Cui said.After the uncle to give Feng Cui money, Feng Cui did not accept, because Feng Cui think there are old people in the home, will encounter this time, as a nurse, Feng Cui did what she thought was right, this is undoubtedly the embodiment of her sense of responsibility.After that, Feng Cui will reflect the matter to the head nurse, we decided to discuss, each nurse on duty take care of uncle, and take turns to buy lunch for uncle every day at noon, so until uncle discharged.Feng also got the chance to attend the training. “I think it was a reward for me and it encouraged me to work harder,” feng said.There have been many such moments in her five years as a nurse, and Feng Cui has always made what she thought was the right decision.Feng recalled a night shift emergency, she admitted a patient with acute cerebral infarction, because there are several more serious patients need special care, so Feng Cui shuttled between several rooms.”The family members of emergency patients have no nursing experience. They don’t know how to turn over their bodies, change their clothes, or even wipe their stool. Seeing excrement piled up under the patients doesn’t help,” Feng said.Feng Cui could not bear to let the patient lie in the dirt, so they began to change clothes and wipe the patient’s body with their family members.”I remember clearly that it was dawn soon after I finished my work,” feng said.Later, the patient’s family members told everyone that Feng Cui was a good nurse, saying that she was not afraid of dirty, tired, patient and responsible.”To be honest, I sounded a little guilty because I knew I still had a lot to improve on.I think they gave me praise because of the hospital’s excellent medical style and because I helped them with my practical actions, “feng said.Therefore, Feng Cui told herself that an excellent nurse cannot leave the patient’s patience, carefulness and sense of responsibility.This is more reflected in a small movement, a small smile, but also reflected in a small gauze, a small blood drawing……As much as this career gave her motivation, it also gave her life.It was also an unexpected joy to win the good man in Xianyang, which strengthened her faith to continue to work hard.Before the New Year, she wants to gain rewards – attend rehabilitation specialist nurse training to share with colleagues, “which is commonly used in neurology, is also very useful for patients, I think I learned knowledge to share with others, let us together into the patient’s life, at the same time make the return of the patients with better family” Feng Cui said.Hua Shang Bao reporter Yang Ning editor Niu Peiyao